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International Roadcheck 2019

Do you have the right look? Roadcheck 2019 is June 4 – 6, be sure to have the look the officers want to see. Tidy and clean is a sign of an organized driver at roadside inspections. Know more of what officers are looking for in part four of’s article of Roadcheck International 2019…

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Get the most out of your Internet access on the road

Are you connected to the wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)? The better question is, who isn’t? The days of having to plug your computer into an ethernet cord are long gone. Through Wi-Fi, roaming data, and mobile hotspots you can check up on email, watch movies, browse the Internet, and check social media essentially anywhere, anytime. But,…

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Odd Traffic Laws

We’re all well aware of the basic laws of the road, right?  Don’t speed, don’t run through red lights or stop signs, obey traffic signs, you know, laws that are common sense and were created to maintain public safety. Most laws are backed by logical reason, but if you dig deep enough, you’ll find some…

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