A Haul for the Ages

There’s an old saying: “Go big or go home.” Well, Omega Morgan didn’t just go big, they went out-of-this-world massive with a Washington state record-setting haul that weighed nearly one-million pounds. Yes, you read that right.

To put that haul in perspective, Washington state issues 600 to 700 “super load” permits per year for trucks that will pull over 200,000 pounds. It’s pretty safe to say Omega Morgan should have qualified for its own permit, or have it named after them.

So what was it that Omega Morgan was hauling? A massive transformer for Bonneville Power Administration. Broken down, the weight of the transformer weighed 460,000 pounds and the mammoth trailer to haul it weighed in at over 480,000 pounds. Not to mention, the three Kenworth trucks it took to transport the transformer 47-miles.



It really was quite the move, but to be able to wrap your head around how impressive this haul was, check out Equipment World’s feature and photo stream. This haul may have broken a Washington state record, but we’re pretty sure it would have broken most state and Canadian records too.