Alberta’s Atmore Weigh Station Features Latest Innovations….

….from Intelligent Imaging Systems – Drivewyze’s sister company. And, this $11 million facility is really something. It’s been operating for several months, receiving high praise for its technology and ability to screen commercial vehicles.

The Atmore station is equipped with the Intelligent Imaging System Smart Roadside electronic screening platform, overhead cameras, license plate and decal readers, and advanced thermal imaging system. These systems automate some of the work and procedures for enforcement officers, so they can deal with high volume of commercial vehicles the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Branch (CVEB) expects to pass through the new Atmore station in its first year of operation.

Recently the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) and Alberta Justice and Solicitor General Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Branch held a driver appreciation day – giving out goodie bags to drivers passing through. We were out there too supporting the effort. And, there was a special guest – Truck West’s very own Derek Clouthier. He got a tour and filed a great piece about the weigh station and how it helps commercial enforcement.

He mentions how the weigh station is one of the most advanced in North America: “At the top of its class in Canada, you’d have to travel south of the border to find a commercial truck weigh station comparable to the Atmore location.”

We quite agree. And so does Jacquie Daumont, acting chief of Alberta CVE who said in Derek’s article: “Intelligent Imaging System’s advanced thermal imaging system, license plate and decal readers, and Smart Roadside screening platform greatly enhance our officers’ ability to identify and remove unsafe vehicles from a highway, on which more than 1.5 million vehicles travel each year.”

But not all trucks have to pass through the weigh station, as Derek’s article points out.

In 2017, CVEB began offering Alberta fleets involved in the Alberta Partners in Compliance (PIC) program weigh station bypasses through the Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass application. In the month of May alone, nearly 56,000 participating PIC member commercial vehicles received weigh station bypasses from Drivewyze in Alberta.

By our calculations, Drivewyze returned 1,134 hours of driving time to drivers and saved participating fleets more than $126,000 in avoided fuel and operational costs. Not bad!