Announcing: Drivewyze Safety Notifications

If you’ve been driving long enough you’ve seen it: A truck that has rolled over on an overpass, or a truck that has struck a low bridge.

It happens more than you might think. In 2017, an FMCSA study indicated there were:

  • 14,000 truck rollover crashes, which lead to 170 fatalities over a year’s period of time
  • 4,200 collisions caused by low bridge strikes.

Driver error on both has led to the majority of these accidents.  But, we have good news…we’ve just launched our new Drivewyze Safety Notifications service to give drivers a ‘heads up’ on upcoming trouble spots. It’s available for free to Drivewyze PreClear service subscribers, and available to activate this month with our ELD reseller partners. Later it will be available for our customers using Android tablets and smartphones. New subscribers will need to sign up for the service.

Watch the video below to learn more about Drivewyze Safety Notifications:

Drivewyze Safety Notifications are a big industry safety advancement. Until now, there have been no alerts available for areas where high rollovers are prevalent. To make it happen, Drivewyze worked closely with our state safety and law enforcement partners to identify the top trouble spots for rollovers. We then geo-fenced more than 500 curves in 32 states. So, as a driver approaches a “trouble” exit ramp or curve, they’ll hear a ping and have a visible notification that lets them know to stay alert and slow down if need be.

We know our safety notifications work, because we did extensive testing with several large Drivewyze customers. What we found was that when the rollover alerts were used, there was a measurable slow down in the risk area, and a 17% reduction in speeding incidents around those same curves. That’s exactly what we wanted to see – the alerts had an impact on driver behavior. There is really no room for error with big rigs. Our internal studies have shown that ‘over speeders’ — going 5 mph over the posted speed limit around curves — are twice as likely to be in a preventable road accident as a driver going the speed limit.

Now, what about low bridges?  We have pings/alerts to warn drivers should they happen to encounter any of the 1,500 low bridges we’ve identified as trouble spots along truck routes. That’s especially a great service should a driver be making a delivery on an unfamiliar route. While we realize truck navigation systems will route you around low bridges, drivers don’t always have them on, so this will give an extra security blanket to avoid bridge strike. Here’s some proof in the pudding. Take a look at this TV news report in Scranton, Pennsylvania, that appeared in early July. It showcased a bridge that had been hit three times in the past month by big rigs. It illustrates the problem and our solution –customers using Drivewyze Safety Notifications will see an alert when they approach this bridge.

Speaking of which, did you know the repair cost and possible penalty if you do hit a bridge?  Repairs to trailers average around $10,000 – not including cargo damage – and the owner of the vehicle is on the hook for any bridge repair, which can be well over $100,000, plus penalties/fines up to $11,000 by the DOT.

Drivewyze Safety Notifications area win-win. This is an example of the private sector working with state agencies to improve safety on the roadways.  We’re very proud of the fact that the Drivewyze Safety Notifications service is the largest in-cab safety alert system in the industry. It will make a difference and help reduce rollovers and bridge strikes –which will benefit all motorists.

What’s more, these alerts are only the start. Drivewyze is committed to making our roads – and your fleet – safer. And, that can make a significant impact on improving your safety scores down the road.  So, expect to see more alerts soon. We hope you’re as excited about our new product offering as we are.

If you’d like to find out more and get the notifications rolling, contact your Drivewyze Customer Success Manager. And, if you’re a new customer, check out our website to learn more about our weigh station bypass service, and safety notifications.