Busiest Highway (Drivewyze) Weigh Stations By State

At Drivewyze our goal is to help truck drivers and companies make more money by staying on the road and out of weigh stations. We provide weigh scale bypass opportunities in 36 states across the continental United States. Here we break down our busiest sites in each state that we service.

The busyness of each weigh station is determined by both the sheer traffic and the amount of bypasses that we are able to give to our customers.

To find out which scales are providing in the Drivewyze weigh station bypass service, view our coverage map. In addition to bypasses, the Drivewyze app also provides 1 and 2 mile heads up notifications at more than 1200 sites across the United States, including sites that are not participating in the Drivewyze bypass program.

The busiest Drivewyze sites in each state offering the bypass service are:

Alabama Heflin on Interstate 20 WB, about half way between Birmingham and Atlanta. Full list of Alabama Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Arkansas Lehi on I-40, northwest of the West Memphis Airport and just east of Lehi. Full list of Arkansas Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Colorado The north and southbound Monument site on I-25. Full list of Colorado Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Connecticut Greenwich sites along I-95, AKA The Connecticut Turnpike. Full list of Connecticut Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Delaware Delaware Toll Plaza off of the Interstate 95 not far east of the Delaware – Maryland state border. Full list of Delaware Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Florida Northbound Wildwood and southbound Wildwood (Ocala) scales on the I-75 (south of Ocala). Full list of Florida Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Georgia North and southbound Monroe scales on the Interstate 75 northwest of Forsyth. Full list of Georgia Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Idaho East Boise both east and westbound on Interstate 84. Full list of Idaho Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Illinois Frankfort Both sides of the Christopher Columbus Highway – AKA The Interstate 80, west of Joliet. Full list of Illinois Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Indiana Lowell on Interstate 65 southbound, south of Gary and Meriville. Full list of Indiana Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Kansas North and southbound on Interstate 65 southwest of Kansas City (Olathe). Full list of Kansas Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Kentucky Simpson County on Interstate 65 not too far from the Tennessee state line. Full list of Kentucky Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Louisiana Baptists on Interstate 25 east and westbound, just a little west of the I-55 interchange. Full list of Louisiana Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Maine Interstate 95 (Maine Turnpike) north east of Kittery. Full list of Maine Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Maryland Park and Ride servicing the I-95 and I-40. Full list of Maryland Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Massachusetts Sturbridge Interstate 84 south bound north of the Connecticut – Massachusetts state line. Full list of Massachusetts Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Michigan Interstate 17 northbound, AKA the Detroit Toledo Expressway between Luna Pier and Grand View. Full list of Michigan Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Minnesota Interstate 94 west bound just west of the St. Croix Trail. Full list of Minnesota Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Mississippi West and east bound sides of the Interstate 20/59 not too far east of the Mississippi and Alabama State line. Full list of Mississippi Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Missouri Foristell Interstate 40 east and westbound a little east of the City of Foristell. Full list of Missouri Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Montana The I-94 Wibaux weigh scale just west of the correspondingly named town site. Full list of Montana Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Nevada – Apex on the I-95 northwest of Las Vegas. Full list of Nevada Drivewyze weigh station sites.

New Hampshire A twin site at the Hampton Toll going both south and northbound on the Interstate 95. Full list of New Hampshire Drivewyze weigh station sites.

New Mexico The San Jon Scale West bound on the Interstate 40. Full list of New Mexico Drivewyze weigh station sites.

New York – Plainview scale heading east on the Interstate 495, AKA The Long Island Expressway. Full list of New York Drivewyze weigh station sites.

North Carolina Ashville, located west bound on the Interstate 40. Full list of North Carolina Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Pennsylvania – The dual weigh scales at the Grantville Rest Areas on the Interstate 81. Full list of Pennsylvania Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Rhode Island – Wyoming southbound on the Interstate 95 at the 10-mile marker. Full list of Rhode Island Drivewyze weigh station sites.

South Dakota – North and south bound Jefferson on the Interstate 29 north west of Sioux City. Full list of South Dakota Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Tennessee – Know west and east bound on the Interstate 40. Full list of Tennessee Drivewyze weigh station sites

Texas – San Marcos on Interstate 35south bound. Full list of Texas Drivewyze weigh station sites

Utah – Echo on Interstate 80 west bound. Full list of Utah Drivewyze weigh station sites

Vermont – The Guilford Inspection site located just north of the Vermont and Massachusetts state line on the I-91 . Full list of  Vermont Drivewyze weigh station sites.

Virginia – The north and southbound Stephens City scales on the Interstate 81. Full list of Virginia Drivewyze weigh station sites

West Virginia – The Teays Valley west and east bound scales on the Interstate 64. Full list of West Virginia Drivewyze weigh station sites

Wisconsin –  The Hudson eastbound on the Interstate 94 east of Minneapolis. Full list of Wisconsin Drivewyze weigh station sites

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