Delays from Traffic Congestion Cost Truckers Nearly $50 Billion

The American Transportation Research Institute recently announced the results of its research into the cost of congestion to the trucking industry. That research calculated lost driver productivity due to traffic congestion totaled more than 728 million hours in 2014. That equates to 264,500 commercial drivers sitting idle doing absolutely nothing for an entire year adding more than $49.6 billion in operational costs to the trucking industry in 2014.

For each truck traveling 150,000 miles annually, ATRI concluded traffic congestion added another $26,625 in average operating costs.

ATRI said its analysis found the states, counties and metropolitan areas most impacted by traffic congestion. More than a dozen states experienced increased costs of over $1 billion each due to congestion. Florida and Texas led the group of states with more than $4 billion in costs each.

Fuel costs may be lower now than they were when this study was done. Still, we think for those truckers and fleets worried about the eventual and inevitable rise of diesel prices and other perennially rising operating costs such as insurance, increasing traffic congestion only reinforces the importance of weigh station bypass. Truck fleets and operators absolutely must take advantage of all options to reduce unnecessary delays in their operations. Drivewyze weigh station and inspection site bypass offers them that option.

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