Healthier Meal Choices For Truckers

Ideas for Making Healthier Meal Choices

When you have to eat on the run, making healthy choices might seem a near impossibility with so many cheap, fast and convenient foods available. The American Association of Owner Operators recently offered a list of alternative food options that are much healthier – Healthy Food Choices for Truckers .

Admittedly, some may cost a bit more – like the mashed cauliflower (estimated $8 per head) versus pizza dough ($1.29 for bag of pizza dough). But with only 25 calories per serving versus 266 calories per slice, the healthier choice of cauliflower won’t likely add another inch to your waist.

Looking for Inexpensive Fresh Produce? Visit a Local Farmer’s Market

In the previous story about healthier food options, it mentioned $8 for a head of cauliflower. For those of you who didn’t buy cauliflower or other vegetables earlier in 2016, when the drought in California helped drive up prices to new heights, you may have fallen over at the sight of that price.

If you’re looking for some cheap ways to buy fresh produce, you don’t always have to shop at outlets and big discount stores. Consider visiting a local farmer’s market, where the produce is likely fresher, the next time you’re home during your off-duty time. Or perhaps you may find farmers’ markets located near truck and trailer-friendly businesses offering safe and secure places to park your rigs? With more than 8,100 markets across the United States alone as of 2013, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture AMS Marketing Services Division, you’re at least bound to find one near your home. There are even a growing number of them open year-round.

Remember just because it’s a farmer’s market, doesn’t mean prices will be at a premium. The most recent research study conducted in 2015 by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets, concluded that farmers’ markets can offer a good affordable option for consumers whose purchasing decisions are based on price as well as a desire to find locally grown produce. Older studies conducted by a number of other state, regional and national organizations and government agencies have released studies with similar findings over the last several years.

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