Hey Cummins – Is Your Electric Truck the One That I Want?

The appearance of what engine manufacturer Cummins touts as the first of its kind zero-emissions truck powered by electricity has certainly created quite a charge. Cummins unveiled its electric truck at the company’s technology center in Columbus, Indiana, on Sept. 26.

Now, if you happened to have been in Atlanta late last month for the inaugural North American Commercial Vehicle Show, you may already have gotten a sneak peak at Cummins fully electric heavy-duty truck. But if you didn’t, Heavy Duty Trucking has you covered. The magazine posted on its web site a video of Julie Furber, executive director of electrification business at Cummins, giving HDT’s equipment editor, Jim Park, details and specs on the electric truck – http://www.truckinginfo.com/channel/fuel-smarts/video/detail/2017/08/on-the-spot-cummins-electric-daycab-tractor-video.aspx

The 18,000-pound truck, built by Roush, is designed to make local deliveries from warehouse to stores, for example. The truck hauls a maximum payload of 44,000 pounds and its battery takes a full charge in about an hour. Cummins’ engine business president, Srikanth Padmanabhan wouldn’t say when the company might take its electric truck engines from concept to market. “The customers need to pull it rather than us doing it,” he said. “We participate through our (original equipment manufacturers). We are working with leading OEMs that have shown interest in this technology and as they pull and as they announce, that is how we would go to market.”

Cummins – the power you’re supplying….it’s electrifying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oKPYe53h78

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