Drivewyze Announces Open Enrollment for e-Inspections at Weigh Stations

Modified on March 15, 2022

In a major move to improve speed, efficiency and accuracy at weigh station inspection sites, Drivewyze has announced open enrollment for automated electronic e-Inspections at weigh stations in three participating states. Software activation is free for Drivewyze PreClear customers, and available through participating Drivewyze ELD partners.

“This is the beginning of streamlining inspections, which is a major win for fleets and drivers, plus for those in law enforcement,” said Brian Heath, CEO and president of Drivewyze. “For those using our weigh station bypass service, it means in-station inspections no longer require drivers to manually submit their HOS files and inspectors can complete inspections in a matter of minutes versus the traditional 30-60 minute processing time at weigh stations. Our system automates traditional manual processes and everyone benefits — it’s a major step forward in the modernization of roadside inspections.”

Inspection sites in Maryland, Maine, and Virginia are the first states to partner with Drivewyze to make e-Inspections a reality. Other states are following suit as state agency software is upgraded or enhanced to process e-inspections.

According to Heath, Drivewyze e-Inspections are an industry first and represent the power of an innovative ecosystem of ELD providers, public partnerships with leading enforcement agencies, and the desire of carriers to eliminate delays and improve their safety scores.

“We’ve done testing and trials with major fleets and state inspection sites to prove the accuracy and efficiency of e-Inspections,” said Heath. “We’ve found that a ‘clean’ Level III inspection can be reduced from a 30-minute detention, to mere minutes. That allows the driver and fleet to improve or maintain their safety score while logging more miles. It also frees the inspection officer from time-consuming manual data entry so they can concentrate efforts on trucks that truly do need inspecting.”

Currently, drivers undergoing an in-station inspection need to go through manual steps on an ELD to transfer their logs to the inspection site’s computer, including entering the officer’s inspector code. “This not only takes time, manual entry leads to input errors,” said Heath. “If the driver, for example, mistypes the officer’s inspector code, and the logs can’t be transferred, it’s an HOS violation. Likewise, if a driver isn’t familiar with the ELD and doesn’t know how to transfer logs, or locate the Driver Instruction Sheet, the carrier can be dinged on their safety score. With the advent of e-Inspections to automate HOS data transfer, problems sending logs to inspections sites are no longer an issue.”

“Drivers and law enforcement have tough jobs,” said Daniel Patterson, Director of Safety at Western Express, which participated in e-Inspection trials. “Being able to efficiently transfer data to make inspections more seamless and a positive experience for both parties is very important to us. E-Inspections allow us to achieve the goal of gathering more data and increasing the safety of our roadways. We are very excited for this program to expand throughout more states and increase the effectiveness of our partnership both with Drivewyze and with law enforcement agencies.”

Added Captain Josh Barnes, Maryland State Police, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division: “As law enforcement and industry partner in the goal toward improved safety, tools like Drivewyze e-Inspection increase efficiency for both stakeholders.”

According to Heath, Drivewyze is partnering with leading ELD vendors to ensure back-end systems are ready for Drivewyze’s e-Inspection services. “Building out e-Inspections is a process, and our ELD partners are vital in bringing this solution to their customers,” he said. “Together with our partners, we are modernizing a 100+ year-old manual process of enforcement that is inefficient and costs the industry more than $100 million in idling costs annually.”

“At Platform Science, we’re constantly looking for ways to make our customers more efficient, while improving their overall driver experience,” said Michael Bray, Chief Commercial Officer of Platform Science. “That’s why we were eager to offer the platform integration support needed to run the e-Inspections from Drivewyze in preliminary testing. This rollout will dramatically improve productivity for drivers. We know our customers are going to be excited about using this capability, and we look forward to continuing our longstanding partnership with Drivewyze to offer innovative, industry-leading solutions.”

Stephen White, Sr. Business Development Manager-Class 8 from Geotab said: “E-Inspections are finally here and it’s something we at Geotab are really excited about. It’s why we made sure to have the software integration support needed to run the e-Inspections from Drivewyze. We know our customers are going to be thrilled about using this capability, and we’re looking forward to sharing this technology with them.”

“E-Inspections are a milestone in our mission to revolutionize transportation safety and efficiency,” concluded Heath.  “Agencies do not have enough inspectors to stop every truck and this has caused a data sufficiency problem with CSA.  Safety scores lag actual carrier performance and many fleets cannot benefit from bypass services or qualify for load opportunities due to outdated safety scores or limited data in CSA.  E-Inspections will help solve these problems. Agencies will have a force multiplier to deliver their ‘maintenance of effort’ and allow officers to focus resources on high-risk vehicles. Saving 30 to 60 minutes on a driver’s route is a huge impact on drivers, fleets and shippers. Reducing the time to conduct in-station inspections is just as important to agencies that struggle to meet mandates with tight budgets and limited resources.”

Anatomy of a Expedited e-Inspection

Here’s how an e-Inspection works:

  • The ELD automatically sends the driver’s logs to the roadside inspection site when an e-Inspection is started, eliminating manual transfer steps entirely.
  • An officer conducting the inspection can view vehicle, carrier and driver-level information and has their inspection report form automatically pre-filled at the start of their inspection.
  • The inspector evaluates the vehicle and driver, and decides if any further validation or investigation is required without having to manually search multiple systems to verify the Carrier, Vehicle, and Driver credentials.
Drivewyze e-Inspections
A typical weigh station inspection vs. Drivewyze automated e-Inspection

When the officer is satisfied, the inspection can be completed at the touch of a button, saving significant time and improving the accuracy of the inspection.

About Drivewyze Inc.: Drivewyze Inc. is a leader in connected truck services and is on a mission to revolutionize transportation safety and efficiency. Drivewyze serves commercial drivers and fleets with innovative trucking services such as the Drivewyze PreClear bypass service, Drivewyze Safety+, Drivewyze Safety Notifications, Drivewyze Insights, and e-Inspections. Drivewyze was recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the North American Weigh Station Bypass Company of the Year Award for 2017, for its best practices and industry leadership. To learn more about Drivewyze, visit

About Geotab: Geotab is the world’s #1 commercial telematics company, equipping more than 2.3 million vehicles with its award-winning fleet management technology across the globe. Geotab and Drivewyze announced their formal partnership in January 2020 when Drivewyze PreClear was made available to over 40,000 Geotab customers via the Geotab Marketplace.

About Platform Science: Platform Science is an IoT technology company that empowers enterprise fleets to take control of their technology on one user-friendly platform. Founded in 2015, Platform Science makes it easy to develop, deploy and manage mobile devices and applications on commercial vehicles, a process previously defined by fragmented architectures and proprietary protocols. The platform offers flexibility and delivers an unlimited canvas to fleets and developers seeking to innovate and create new solutions as customers’ needs, businesses and industries evolve.

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