Spot Rates Get Slight Bump During Roadcheck

In early June, just before the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s annual Roadcheck began on June 7, we provided some suggestions on how you can be better prepared. It’s interesting how some trucking fleets and operators responded in a different way to the 72-hour blitz of exams. Some chose to ‘sit out’ Roadcheck by parking their rigs and not responding to calls from shippers and brokers.

DAT’s Ken Harper told Todd Dills of Overdrive magazine that rates in the spot load market got “a shot in the arm in part because a significant number of carriers decided to sit out of Roadcheck week.”. Dills reported that for those operators who didn’t sit out Roadcheck, inspections may have slowed a significant number of them down, also impacting capacity during the week.

The result? With fewer fleets and operators vying for loads with the best rates, and resulting inspection slowdowns, fleets and operators who kept their trucks running found more attractive rates on high-volume loads. For those of you who chose to stay on the road, we hope you not only passed inspection, but also are now enjoying the benefits of an improved safety score.

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