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Announcing: Drivewyze Safety Notifications

If you’ve been driving long enough you’ve seen it: A truck that has rolled over on an overpass, or a truck that has struck a low bridge. It happens more than you might think. In 2017, an FMCSA study indicated there were: 14,000 truck rollover crashes, which lead to 170 fatalities over a year’s period…

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Living Large on the Road

Live Like a King: Life in a Big Sleeper If you’re wondering what it’s like inside one of those massive, RV-like sleeper units you occasionally pass on the road, they’re exactly what you might imagine. It’s like stepping into a mobile apartment. With most of these specialty sleeper units ranging from 97-180 inches, owners have…

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Trucking Technologies, Connected Trucking, ELDs and more.

Drivewyze’s VP of Government Experience, Brian Mofford, attended the Alberta Motor Association Leadership Conference and AGM last weekend in Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada. Brian was part of a panel called “technology in the workplace” – which addressed the latest in trucking technologies, connected trucking, ELDs and more.  Members of the panel offered some great insight about…

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Get the most out of your Internet access on the road

Are you connected to the wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)? The better question is, who isn’t? The days of having to plug your computer into an ethernet cord are long gone. Through Wi-Fi, roaming data, and mobile hotspots you can check up on email, watch movies, browse the Internet, and check social media essentially anywhere, anytime. But,…

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Can You Make the Grade When it Comes to ELDs and HOS?

By Sara Steele, Director of Compliance, Drivewyze There’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to ELDs and HOS. From new guidance coming from FMCSA and changing regulations, to the average Joe with internet access calling themselves an expert, it’s easy to be confused. Let’s test your knowledge and see if you can…

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Are Deliverybots a Thing of the Future?

Remember the days when you ordered a product for delivery and you expected the package to arrive in one-to-two weeks? Well, those days are long gone. With the boom of e-commerce and companies like Amazon offering two-day delivery, people expect their packages coming from across the world to be delivered to their front porch within…

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Where Are We at With Autonomous Trucks?

So, what’s really the latest development of autonomous trucks? It seems like every week, new reports come out about advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) designed for autonomous trucks and speculation for when a driver will no longer be required to be behind the wheel. Some say the technology is only a couple years away, while…

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Secrets Behind the Weigh Station: Drivewyze Webinar Gives you a Sneak Peek

Everyone loves secrets…and we aim to please by going behind the scenes to give you some insight.  Drivewyze recently held two webinars on “The Secrets Behind the Weigh Station: What Happens When Your Trucks Pull In”.  If you missed it, be sure to catch our encore – a video of the recording is below! Did…

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2018 MarketWaves Conference – Drivewyze

Weigh Station Bypass is increasingly becoming an integral part of the trucking industry. But how did weigh station bypass start? Charles Buffone, Director of Product Management at Drivewyze, had the pleasure of introducing and examining weigh station bypass during the 2018 MarketWaves Conference in Grapevine, Texas. Weigh station bypass debuted twenty years ago in an…

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