A Closer Look at BigRoad’s E-Log Android App

Drivewyze PreClear available in-app to BigRoad users

Earlier this year, it was announced that Drivewyze PreClear has been integrated into BigRoad’s Android elog app. BigRoad users are now able to access the Drivewyze weigh station bypass service directly from a link the BigRoad trucker app. So we thought it would be a great time to take a closer look at our new partner.

Like Drivewyze, our friends at BigRoad believe that technology should serve fleet operators and drivers, not the other way around. So they built software that is easy-to-use , while still giving users all the tools they need to go further in their business.

As the #1 electronic log and DVIR app in the Android Marketplace, BigRoad offers these great features:

  • Fleet tracking with real-time traffic
  • Automated duty status changes
  • Driver log auditing and archiving
  • Vehicle inspection reports
  • Route history with stop report
  • Document capture and send
  • Archived text chat with sent/delivered/read receipts

More and more fleets are adopting BigRoad’s software that would allow them to stop paying HOS audit fees and fines, eliminate costly faxes, and make better decisions with better data.  It is reported that a fleet of ten trucks can save up to $50,000 per year!

For more information on our partner, visit www.bigroad.com.