DAT Freight Talk Blog: Drivewyze Makes Bypass Easier

New Tech Makes Weigh Station Bypass Easier
March 14, 2014
via dat.com

It wasn’t that long ago all phone calls were made from stationary phones hard wired in your home or office. Today, we take cell phones and smartphones for granted. While they help everyone from truck drivers to fleet managers stay connected, they also offer a new way of gaining weigh station bypasses.

Instead of traditional transponders, new Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS) transponder technology uses cellular phones and the cellular network to transmit bypass requests from permanently installed in-truck devices as well as mounted tablets and smartphones. Currently, the technology is offered at 270 weigh station or inspection sites in 20 states by Drivewyze. It also provides a free “heads-up” alert when approaching other weigh stations across the United States.

How One Driver Saved $8,800
Mike Shatney, an owner operator since 2006 with his own authority, has witnessed what mobile-based inspection bypass can offer. Shatney, who hauls milk throughout the eastern seaboard, had a pull-in rate of just 3 percent over the last year – 1,053 bypass opportunities with 1,021 granted.

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