ELD Compliance’s Silver Lining

Carol Birkland, editor at large at Fleet Equipment magazine, offers a look at the silver lining of ELD compliance: ELDs can help fleets make significant improvements to their fleet operations.

Carol also quotes Drivewyze marketing director Doug Johnson, who explains how Drivewyze can help them leverage more benefits from their ELDs:

“If the ELDs they choose offer integrated Drivewyze service, those fleets could earn some additional ROI through the subscription-based weigh station bypass application,” Johnson told the readers in Fleet Equipment’s story, titled “Easing ELD concerns.”

“This service can result in potentially significant time and fuel savings based on where their trucks operate and their safety scores,” Johnson was quoted as saying. “We also offer a complimentary insight tool called PreClear Analytics that fleets can activate on their Drivewyze-enabled ELDs. With this application activated, fleets can determine exactly how much the bypass service will save them long before they turn it on.”

Carol’s article provides readers insightful information on determining which ELDs provide them the potential for the best ROI and how they can go about claiming that ROI.

To read the story, visit the digital March 2016 issue of Fleet Equipment magazine, click on this link and turn to page 34 – http://www.fleetequipmentmag.com/magazine-archive/.

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