Handy At-a-Glance Chart for ELD Shoppers

With the recent announcement by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration about federal ELD requirements, perhaps you’re thinking now is the time to get one. Lots of choices, so which one do you choose?

The folks at Overdrive have made choosing easier by creating a keen chart offering all of the basics at a glance. The chart lists each ELD provider and for each provider, it tells you the manufacturer, device name, initial cost, ongoing lease or service fees per truck, and “other capabilities beyond logs.” It also provides links to the providers’ web sites and links to user reviews at the web site of Overdrive’s sister publication Commercial Carrier Journal.

And if you are currently using Drivewyze bypass app on your smart phone, and would like to access it through your new ELD, take a look at “other capabilities beyond logs”  before you choose. It tells you which of the ELD providers listed currently offers the Drivewyze mobile-based weigh station bypass app integrated into their ELDs. How handy is that?

You can find the chart here, on Overdrive’s website. The chart was first published in August of last year in conjunction with Overdrive’s ELD report in the August 2015 issue. And since December, Overdrive staff have updated the chart with the names of new providers and other information. So, even if you did see the chart when it first appeared, be sure to look again for new information.