Trucks at work: Bypass technology-worth it? A review by

Trucks at work: Bypass technology-worth it?
March 24, 2014
by Sean Killcarr, via

There’s a veritable flood of technology available to truckers these days, capable of providing all sorts of different services: Remote diagnostics, electronic toll transponders, and any number of onboard telematics systems.
Then there are weigh station bypass systems; another technological offering that’s been recently getting more attention from the trucking community, not only in terms of helping them skip weigh-in’s with state authorities but avoid the inspection lane at such facilities as well.Of course, the makers of such wonderful digital wizardly do nothing but praise the benefits of such technology … yet what do truckers, particularly truck drivers, think of such systems? It’s a fair question, too, as many carriers are finding that many of their employees – drivers included – often view bypass technology as well as other newfangled systems with a hefty dose of suspicion.
I myself took a look bypass technology in action during a demonstration conducted by Drivewyze in Maryland last summer.The system seemed – and still seems – to offer a lot of promise for trucking businesses, but do big rig operators agree? Is such bypass technology “worth it” in their opinion? Well, one owner-operator on the East Coast thinks so, and while some may or may not agree with his conclusions, his experience with Drivewyze’s mobile-based inspection technology offers food for future thought nonetheless.
Chris Davis – a 15-year truck driving veteran – usually hauls general freight, mostly containers unloaded at ports, in the Southeast and Northeast along the Interstate 95 corridor with his 1999 mid-roof sleeper Freightliner equipped with a 500-hp Detroit engine. Davis says he’s able to average 7.5 miles per gallon when pulling a 43,000-lb. load, but frequent stoppages – especially at weight stations and for inspections – can impact his fuel-sipping ways.
“When I’m traveling on Interstates 85 and 95, I usually pass weigh scales several times a day,” he explained. “Before I started using Drivewzye, I had to pull in at least once – sometimes twice – a day for an inspection. That was frustrating for me since I operate a safe vehicle.”
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