Atlantic Bulk Carrier Case Study

Omnitracs ELD Bypass Solution Case Study – Atlantic Bulk Carrier

Virginia-based Atlantic Bulk Carrier transports chemical compounds, ranging from mined aggregates to plastic resins. Its operations are concentrated along the East Coast, although the company is licensed for all of the continental United States and Canada. Atlantic Bulk Carrier also provides dedicated service to some of the largest and best manufacturers,
including Fortune 500 companies.

Atlantic Bulk operates a 190-truck fleet from outside of Richmond with satellite terminals throughout the Southeast to allow efficient deliveries in the region. Primarily operating in the Southeast, Atlantic Bulk also handles deliveries throughout the US and into Canada.

The Problem

Whether an operator is running 1 or 101 trucks, rising costs impact the bottom line. The ability to remain competitive is affected by any number of factors including fuel efficiency, driver retention, safety, delivery time, and consistency.

For years, Atlantic Bulk Carrier had been utilizing a weigh station bypass service to avoid delays at weigh stations and help achieve its goal to provide the safest, most reliable service to customers.

“With the number of miles our trucks travel annually, we needed to gain the advantages a bypass service can offer,– said Christopher Taggart, Atlantic Bulk Carrier’s Safety Director.

Due to the nature of the commodities being transported by Atlantic Bulk Carrier, the company is highly focused on safe operations. Taggart notes the importance of driver safety. Dangerous situations, such as merging back into traffic and lineups on the highway, can be avoided when a weigh station bypass service is deployed. There is also the benefit of avoiding lengthy DOT inspections ― often an unnecessary delay, especially for Atlantic Bulk Carrier, as the company maintains an exceptional safety record.

While weigh station bypass proved essential, Taggart states that the transponder based service it used previously cost more, provided inadequate coverage, poor user experience, and inefficient device integration. Since the transponder had to be mounted on the front windshield, it also hampered driver visibility.

The Solution

Even though the transponder based weigh station bypass service had its drawbacks, it wasn’t an easy call to switch bypass providers. The transponder based solution had been fully integrated into the company’s operations, and drivers were familiar with it.

“A good bypass program could save us time and money by avoiding unnecessary delays. Fuel consumption in our trucks would be greatly reduced without the need to enter/exit the weigh station and getting back to highway speeds.”
– Christopher Taggart, Director of Safety, Atlantic Bulk Carrier

According to Taggart, the decision to go with Omnitracs Weigh Station Bypass provided by Drivewyze PreClear came down to four key factors ― affordability, ease of integration with the company’s ELD solution, functionality, and the fact that the number of Drivewyze-enabled weigh stations in Atlantic Bulk’s operations area is nearly double from its previous bypass provider. Drivewyze’s analytics tool provided Taggart an estimate of the number of weigh station bypasses his company’s fleet could receive through Drivewyze.

“The process of getting our fleet implemented and enabled with Drivewyze PreClear was very simple. Educating our drivers on the new system went smoothly,” Taggart added. “Drivewyze provides a training video on their website, which we emailed to all the drivers. We on-boarded about 25 to 30 trucks every other week until it was operational in all our trucks.”

The Results

“Once we got Drivewyze PreClear in place, we saw all the additional benefits besides just the price,” he said. “Drivers particularly like the hands-free aspect of Drivewyze PreClear, noting how simple it is to glance down and see the notification. Moreover, drivers feel better prepared with the heads-up notification occurring within 1 to 2 miles of an upcoming weigh station. The drivers are happier with the program,” noted Taggart.


Received 17,651 bypasses in the first six months of using Drivewyze

“It’s always a challenge to get drivers to buy into something new, but they were all in once they saw the results.”


– Christopher Taggart, Director of Safety, Atlantic Bulk Carrier

Atlantic Bulk Carrier saved $160,000+ in the first six months of Drivewyze

Drivewyze helped reduce CO2 emissions by 79.1 tonnes

“The customer service support I received during the onboarding process was excellent and the bypassactivity reports we received were very clear and informative. Our fleets are getting more bypasses. We have seen marked improvement by choosing Drivewyze.”

1Using its own study analyzing more than 12 million site visits throughout the United States, Drivewyze has estimated that the average pull-in to a weigh station lasts 3 minutes and 40 seconds and costs, on average, about $9.30 in fuel, maintenance and operational costs. Drivewyze determined the costs using a number of oft-cited national industry reports.

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