Mesilla Valley Transportation Case Study

Platform Science ELD Bypass Solution Case Study – Mesilla Valley Transportation

For those who follow trucking trends and new technology, that means they follow Royal Jones and Mesilla Valley Transportation. Jones founded the company in 1982 and has grown MVT from a small regional trucking company located in the Southwest, to a powerhouse organization with nearly 1,600 power units. On the operational side, the company is known for testing, validating and then implementing products that will enhance its bottom line. The latest implementation has been Platform Science, and continuing with Drivewyze PreClear through Platform Science’s platform.

“We’re on a constant mission to improve,”said Mike Kelley, who has been MVT’s chief technology officer since 2001. “We look at inefficiencies or challenges and utilize technology to improve our processes within our company, and within the truck. On the truck itself, owner Royal Jones, his design team and procurement managers for MVT, look at technology to improve fleet performance.”

The Problem

Before switching to weigh station bypass service with Drivewyze, Mesilla Valley Transportation received bypasses using a transponder-based system. Weigh station bypass service has always played a critical part of the company’s goal of helping drivers avoid the frustrations and potential safety issues related to exiting and entering the highway and to be as efficient as possible by keeping their trucks running on the mainline.

“We’re very selective in the technology we use. It needs to have an impact, and it has to be used and consumed. You could have great technology, but if it’s complex or hard to use, it won’t make a difference.”

 – Mike Kelley, Chief Technology Officer, Mesilla Valley Transportation

Through the use of a transponder based bypass service, MVT noticed drivers were having to move to the inside lane in order to be scanned, making a subtle but big difference in fuel economy and time – especially when traffic was heavy.

The Solution

Mesilla Valley Transportation is a big believer in keeping trucks moving and avoiding unnecessary stops. “We’vealways used weigh station bypass,” Kelley said. He believes that Drivewyze is a low-hanging fruit when it comes to improving fuel efficiency and improving delivery time. “I’m at a loss as to why everyone in the industry isn’t using it. If you have solid safety scores – and ours is excellent – why wouldn’t you want to bypass inspection sites?”

“We feel weigh station bypass is a win for us, and a win for our drivers who get to pull more miles.”

– Mike Kelley, Chief Technology Officer, Mesilla Valley Transportation

Recently, Mesilla Valley implemented Platform Science’s Connected Vehicle Platform in their trucks, taking advantage of the company’s flexible, nimble and aggressive platform, allowing for easy app integration. MVT on-boarded 1,600 trucks with Platform Science in 76 days. “I had to pick up my jaw. That timeline is unheard of in our industry – it was a herculean effort,” said Kelley.

Investing in Innovation

Through Platform Science, MVT was able to leverage their expertise and the things they wanted tracked, and use the cloud to make micro changes quickly. They were also able to activate Drivewyze PreClear immediately with the platform.

According to Kelley, moving from transponder-basedtechnology to one that uses cellular data, has made a huge impact on the company. “We’ve gone from something that gave us a green light or red light for bypasses, to one that gives us not only bypasses, but information and data on our performance and how weigh station bypass benefits our company. Drivewyze is a technology company and we value them as a partner, not as a vendor. Like us, they leverage their technology and they think out of the box. We like that.”

“The latest report we got from Drivewyze showed that each truck averaged 16 bypasses per month. That saved us a tremendous amount in time and fuel.”

– Mike Kelley, Chief Technology Officer, Mesilla Valley Transportation

The Results

In the time that Mesilla Valley Transportation has used Drivewyze weigh station by-pass service, it has gained significant benefits in terms of driver productivity and safetyawareness. Kelley said the company no longer has to worry about transponder inventory, and the occasional movement of transponders from one truck to another, when a driver was re-assigned.

“Drivewyze PreClear is a no-brainer. Our drivers love it and how it helps them keep moving.”

 – Mike Kelley, Chief Technology Officer, Mesilla Valley Transportation

The Drivewyze footprint continues to grow with coverage throughout the country, making it easier for the MVT Team to utilize bypass wherever they go. Kelley said the Drivewyze reports are also a valuable tool, giving them the chance to dive into the data further to see all types of metrics – even by region or state. The data gives MVT information, which again allows them to improve their overall performance.MVT has confirmed to be in the process of turning on Drivewyze’s Safety Notifications, which provides alerts on high rollover areas, low bridges, and mountain alerts. “Its platform, and Drivewyze’s connection with states, allows them to leverage information and geo-fence areas to give our drivers alerts. If this can help our drivers prevent accidents, why not?” Kelley believes it’s one more example of Drivewyze looking at the future and figuring out a way to bring value to its customers.

1,579 hours saved in December 2019

7,577 gallons in fuel savings in 30 days

Reduced C)2 emissions by 84.9 tonnes in December 2019 alone

Bypasses saved the company $164,425 in operating costs in just one month

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