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Drivewyze Weigh Station Coverage Map in New Dakota

Site Coverage List

13 Mile Corner US-2 NBMobile
13 Mile Corner US-2 SBMobile
29 Mile Corner US-85 NBMobile
29 Mile Corner US-85 SBMobile
Apple Creek I-94 EBMobile
Apple Creek I-94 WBMobile
Beach I-94 EBFixed
Bowman US-12/US-85 EBFixed
Bowman US-12/US-85 NBFixed
Bowman US-12/US-85 WBFixed
Buxton I-29 NBMobile
Buxton I-29 SBMobile
Crystal Springs Rest Area I-94 WBMobile
Ellendale US-Hwy-281 NBMobile
Ellendale US-Hwy-281 SBMobile
Hailstone Creek Rest Area I-94 EBMobile
Hailstone Creek Rest Area I-94 WBMobile
Jamestown Rest Area I-94 EBMobile
Jamestown Rest Area I-94 WBMobile
Joliette I-29/Hwy-5 EBFixed
Joliette I-29/Hwy-5 NBFixed
Joliette I-29/Hwy-5 SBFixed
Joliette I-29/Hwy-5 WBFixed
Lynchburg Truck Parking I-94 EBMobile
Mooreton I-29 NBFixed
Mooreton I-29 SBFixed
Norwich Rest Area RT-2 EBMobile
Norwich Rest Area RT-2 WBMobile
Old Hardwood Rest Area I-29 NBMobile
Old Hardwood Rest Area I-29 SBMobile
Old Hauge Scale US-83 NAMobile
Scenic Overview I-94 EBMobile
Sweet Briar Rest Area I-94 WBMobile
Sykeston Rest Area US-52 WBMobile
Tiogo Inspection Area US-2 EBMobile
Tiogo Inspection Area US-2 WBMobile
West Fargo I-94 WBFixed
Williston Panger US-85 NBFixed
Williston Panger US-85 SBFixed

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