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Drivewyze Weigh Station Coverage Map in Vermont

Site Coverage List

Barnet I-91 NBMobile122
Barton I-91 NBMobile
Bradford I-91 NBMobile100
Bradford I-91 SBMobile100
Colchester I-89 NBMobile
Colchester I-89 SBMobile
Colchester US-7 NBMobile
Concord US-2 WBMobile
Coventry I-91 NBMobile167
Coventry I-91 SBMobile167
Emerald Lake US-7 SBMobile
Fairhaven RT-4 EBFixed
Ferdinand VT-105 NAMobile
Georgia I-89 NBMobile110
Georgia I-89 SBMobile111
Guilford Inspection Site I-91 NBMobile
Guilford Welcome Center I-91 NBMobile6
Hartford I-91 NBMobile69
Hartford I-91 SBMobile69
IRA US-4 WBMobile
Lunenburg Rt-2 EBMobile
Lyndon I-91 SBMobile141
N.Clarendon RT-7 NBMobile
N.Clarendon RT-7 SBMobile
Putney I-91 NBMobile
Putney I-91 SBFixed
Randolph I-89 NBMobile34
Randolph I-89 SBMobile34
Ryegate I-91 NBMobile115
Ryegate I-91 SBMobile114
Searsburg VT-9 EBMobile
Sharon I-89 NBMobile9
Sharon I-89 SBMobile9
Springfield I-91 NBMobile39
Springfield I-91 SBMobile39
Vernon I-91 SBMobile4
Waterbury I-89 NBMobile
Waterbury I-89 SBMobile
Waterford Welcome Center I-93 NBMobile
Wheelock I-91 NBMobile143
Williston I-89 NBMobile82
Williston I-89 SBMobile82

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