Communicate with your drivers,
right when they need it


Drivewyze Safety+ makes it quick and easy to build your own alerts
that keep drivers informed as they approach hazardous sections of
their route, or places that have specific protocols, with audio and
visual cues delivered on the device they already use in-cab.


Improve confidence on unfamiliar roads

Coach your drivers ahead of critical locations, like poor road conditions, lane restrictions, or their last chance to fuel-up with customizable in-cab notifications that give drivers more time to prepare for their next mile.


Remind drivers of location-specific protocols

Help your drivers stay safe and compliant, no matter who’s yard they’re in, by creating audio and visual notifications that remind them about idle-free zones, no parking areas, restricted roadways, paperwork requirements, and more.


Keep your team moving, together

Stay in touch with your drivers, wherever they are. Welcome them home, wish them well on their route, or if they’re in another state, let them know where to find great food with easy parking.


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