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Drivewyze Central Park is a truck parking management system that provides public and private truck parking owners and operators with a network-based solution that supports the collection and processing of real-time parking data from multiple sites, even when hardware configurations differ between locations.

Truck drivers consistently have difficulty finding safe areas to park and rest. The FHWA reports that more than 83% of drivers routinely took longer than 30 minutes to find parking and 37 State DOTs reported problems with commercial vehicle parking. Drivers who have not located parking before reaching their hours-of-service limits are often forced to park illegally or unsafely, often on the shoulders of highways, on off-ramps or at third party facilities. This loss of productivity adds six percent or more to labor costs associated with moving goods, and negatively affects driver health and safety.

Drivewyze partners with public and private truck parking owners and operators to modernize truck parking facility management, as well as notification of truck parking availability to the industry. Central Park is hardware-neutral, allowing agencies to choose the sensor types and configurations that best match their site, program, and budgetary requirements.


  • Fully developed parking management hardware and software solutions
  • Referenceable integration and installation services
  • Largest truck dissemination channel in North America for parking availability alerts

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