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The Smart Roadside solution offers a single, comprehensive platform that integrates all screening, query, and inspection entry functions for Commercial Vehicle Enforcement officers. It is a unified system that eliminates multiple, stand-alone systems, and streamlines roadside enforcement operations. Smart Roadside is highly scalable and supports multiple deployment modes, including fixed weigh stations and virtual sites and mobile systems that are van- or trailer-based. It supports a wide spectrum of functionality, from stand-alone remote screening systems to comprehensive weigh station screening, sorting, and management systems.   Whether deployed at a single location or multiple sites networked and centralized into a single managed program, Smart Roadside offers CVE agencies a field-proven and cost-effective tool to streamline roadside enforcement; allowing officers to focus their efforts on high-risk vehicles.

Most comprehensive CVE weigh station and electronic screening management platform


Smart Roadside is the industry’s most widely deployed and successful CVE platform in North America – in fact, more than 25 states and provinces rely on Smart Roadside to make their CVE roadside program more efficient. It is flexible and seamlessly supports the widest variety of third-party integrations including over 35 hardware roadside sensors, the most comprehensive list of authoritative data sources, and e-screening extensions.


The core of Smart Roadside is an electronic screening system, that incorporates the use of roadway sensors, including Automated Thermal Brake Inspection (ATIS), Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR), Automated USDOT Number and Hazmat Placard Readers (AUR), Overview Cameras (OVC), magnetic vehicle fingerprinting (VWI) and a host of other image and sensor-based technologies. The screening software integrates sensor data to identify, and screen trucks against Federal (SAFER, PRISM), and local State data sources (Tax and Delinquency) using agency-controlled screening rules. The State has easy access to create, modify or delete screening rules and can customize the user interface to match inspector preferences and agency priorities.


Modular design allows for the additional equipment to be integrated within the existing software through included device drivers. The software supports over 35 types of standard equipment integrations including WIM, static scale, over-height detection, tire anomaly, seat belt detection, vehicle ID and tracking, vehicle ID and tracking, radiation detection, automated lane control, vehicle sorting, message boards, gate controls, and inspection bay call systems. The system architecture allows for modular functional extensions beyond core screening, such as integrated CVIEW, inspection software, vehicle monitoring and other CVO-related applications like access control. These can all be added with no upgrades to the Smart Roadside software.


IIS Smart Roadside offers CVE agencies the most dynamic and inclusive source of authoritative data including direct, auditable access to SAFER, PRISM, IFTA, IRP, NCIC, Amber Alerts, DEA, DHS. Our cross-source verification algorithm minimizes false alarms and helps eliminate stale and poor data quality issues based on single source data dependencies. A centralized program management console reports on system performance and includes tools to help you manage and make decisions. It also supports grant reporting, performance monitoring, and oversight of system maintenance.


No other roadside safety system comes close to Smart Roadside performance. According to an initiative by the Ash Center at Harvard, IIS Smart Roadside was credited for increasing OOS rates at a New Mexico weigh station by 30% over 3 years, even while conducting two thousand fewer inspections.

Our recent milestones include:


  • 94%+ decode rates*: Automated CVSA decal readers
  • 93%+ decode rates: Automated Hazmat placard readers
  • 90%+ detection rate: Automated thermal inspections for bad brakes and flat tires






  • 96%+ truck identification rates: Through a combination of automated ALPR and USDOT # readers at highway speed
  • 96%+ vehicle matching: Vehicle Waveform Identification System tracks a vehicle at every point, from mainline exit to re-entry
  • 100% of IIS Smart Roadside systems deployed over the last 5 years remain operational

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