Infrastructure Services

Advanced Lane Control

Drivewyze Advanced Lane Control automatically sorts, routes and tracks Commercial Vehicles through a weigh station. Integrated with the Drivewyze Smart Roadside screening solution, safety data is automatically collected on every vehicle entering the weigh station. Based on an agency’s pre-determined rules, any alert generated triggers a visual notification directing the driver to an inspection area. The decision to halt traffic in any lane is always within the operator’s control.

In-road mounted Vehicle Waveform Identification (VWI) sensors provide “fingerprint” tracking of all trucks to confirm vehicle movement from location to location with an accuracy of over 96%*.

The console display includes a summary of the availability of bays and enforcement staff to allow optimization of resources. Vehicles can be released if space or staff are not available.

Advanced Lane Control increases efficiency without removing any active control and offers a flexible solution for controlling the movement of Commercial Vehicles. It gives weigh station personnel the ability to:

  • Post station open or closed notices
  • Monitor backups onto the highway
  • Split traffic into multiple lanes based on screening outcomes
  • Direct trucks to specific lanes and areas using lane control signals, and changeable message signs on overhead gantries
  • Track vehicle position within the facility
  • Confirm vehicle compliance with traffic directions.

* All rates reflect actual cumulative results from the field, taken at all times of day and in all seasons – they are not from selective tests.