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CVSA Safety Sticker Recognition System

The Drivewyze CVSA Safety Sticker Recognition (SSR) system is an automated reader that enables officers to identify and screen moving vehicles bearing a government issued Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) decal.

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The SSR solution:

  • Captures high-quality colored images of CVSA inspection stickers
  • Reads decal issue year and calculates the expiry date
  • Operates night & day, with driver safe illumination
  • Has a CVSA inspection decal read rate of over 94%*

Using a color camera and illumination, the SSR system automatically collects images of these decals, and determines the expiration date based on sticker characteristics. Vehicles with expired decals generate an alert on the Drivewyze Smart Roadside display.

* All rates reflect actual cumulative results from the field, taken at all times of day and in all seasons – they are not from selective tests.