Infrastructure Services

Data Sources and Screening Software

Smart Roadside is the only system that integrates a complete suite of authoritative data sources. We use only quality, auditable, transparent and non-proprietary data, and can provide real time vehicle registrations from all 50 state DMVs through NLETS.

Data sources include:

IIS Data Sources

Smart Roadside Screening Software

Drivewyze Smart Roadside builds tools for better enforcement through centralized processing, which improves management and oversight and offers greatly improved readability and sharing of data. 

With the help of dashboards designed specifically for Commercial Vehicle Operations administrators, Smart Roadside allows agencies to view all pertinent data on a single screen. These dashboards and reporting tools make managing your roadside system easier and more efficient.

  • Smart Roadside Performance Dashboard: Automated system monitors and reports on uptime, read rates, network performance, connectivity, and data integrity. Statistical and trend analysis reduces unplanned downtime and lifecycle ownership costs. The Smart Status feature automatically detects any system issues and proactively alerts the Drivewyze Smart Roadside team to address them.
  • Smart Roadside Business Dashboard: Automated analysis of Return On Investment (ROI) measures for all stakeholders, including agency time and cost savings, industry fuel cost reduction, emission savings, crash avoidance, fatality reduction, and resource utilization.
  • Smart Roadside Program Dashboard: Measures the effectiveness of current roadside programs, providing key insights into the impact of operational decisions and overall program performance. Facilitates alignment of all roadside operational activities into a more cohesive and unified program.
  • Smart Roadside Operations Dashboard: Reports on additional Hazmat and Mexican carrier information and related alerts processed during roadside screening.