Infrastructure Services

Mobile & Virtual Deployment

The Mobile Van Smart Roadside system is an electronic screening platform that combines a number of sensing and detection technologies for the automatic screening of commercial motor vehicles at remote or temporary enforcement locations. The mobile capabilities provide the ability to identify potential safety and security violations at sites where fixed stations are impractical or cost prohibitive. The system also provides the ability for continuous enforcement presence and data collection on a temporary basis.

Our Mobile Van deployment is the only van-based automated electronic screening system manufactured specifically for commercial vehicle enforcement, and contains all the image components and capabilities of a fixed installation:

Mobile Van Deployment

  • Smart Roadside Inspection System
  • Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)
  • Automated USDOT Number Recognition   (AUNR)
  • Overview Camera System (OVC)
  • Hazmat Placard Identification System
  • Automated Thermal Inspection System

The system can interface wirelessly to existing weigh screening equipment, and officers can access the system wirelessly from parking locations down the road.

Mobile Trailer Deployment

Trailer Deployment

Similar to the Mobile Van deployment, the Smart Roadside Mobile Trailer system provides the ability to identify potential safety and security violations at sites where fixed stations are impractical or cost prohibitive. The Smart Roadside Mobile Trailer system contains all the image components and capabilities of a fixed installation.

Virtual Deployment

Smart Roadside can also be deployed in a remote monitoring, or a “virtual,” configuration to allow officers to remotely monitor traffic at a location some distance away from a normal weigh station or Port of Entry. A virtual deployment is typically better suited to situations where a complicated road layout (such as intersecting highways), or economics (low volume roads, or a constrained location) prevent the infrastructure associated with a typical fixed facility.  Virtual deployments are ideal for locations where there are known bypass routes around major facilities. Smart Roadside can remotely monitor these locations, and identify potential problem vehicles.