Infrastructure Services

Overview Vehicle Camera System

The Overview Vehicle Camera (OVC) system is a day and night high-resolution image capture system designed to collect detailed in-motion overview images of vehicles. These images provide highly confident visual verification of vehicles of interest to enforcement officers. The Drivewyze OVC system provides unprecedented quality and clarity of images, with no blur. In daylight conditions the system collects color vehicle images and in dark conditions the infrared illumination allows for the collection of clear and detailed monochrome images.

Drivewyze’s firmware uses a proprietary algorithm to automatically determine which type of lighting should be used. This ensures that law enforcement officials are getting the best image possible without camera system errors caused by vehicle headlights or low light conditions such as sunrise and sunset. Images are collected using an in-road sensor as a trigger, ensuring reliable image matching to vehicle records. Images are high-resolution and stop-motion clear for accurate visual verification. The OVC system enables the inclusion, display and storage of these images corresponding to individual vehicle records as part of Smart Roadside.