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Vehicle Tracking & Matching

The Drivewyze Vehicle Waveform Identification (VWI) System is a method of electronically identifying and matching Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) using their unique magnetic “fingerprints”. These can be collected at strategic locations on the mainline, ramp or throughout a facility, allowing matching and tracking of a specific CMV with an accuracy exceeding 96%*. Numerous applications exist for the use of this technology in screening, traffic monitoring and control at CMV Weigh and Inspection Stations.

The VWI solution uniquely identifies and allows matching of vehicles within the operating area of a commercial vehicle inspection site.  Utilizing a serviceable in-road mounted sensor array, the VWI system collects a unique vehicle “fingerprint” for trucks of interest at a location.  Data collected at various locations throughout a site is then matched confirming the vehicle movement from location to location.  With matching rates of 96%*, the system is ideal for confirming vehicle movement through a site, independent of speed or acceleration and can be used to match data collected at one point with data collected at other locations.

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* All rates reflect actual cumulative results from the field, taken at all times of day and in all seasons – they are not from selective tests.