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Smart Roadways extends public transportation safety programs into the cabs of connected trucks throughout their road network. With reach to the largest network of commercial truck drivers, transportation agencies can directly alert commercial vehicle drivers of essential safety information and upcoming hazards on roadways, such as traffic congestion, parked service vehicles, work zones, and public emergencies.

Unparalleled access to commercial motor vehicles

With alerts proven to impact driver behavior

Tapping into the largest network of connected trucks in North America, Smart Roadways helps agencies provide essential safety information directly to drivers when they need it most, across any transportation network.


  • Access the Drivewyze connected truck network, leveraging our growing telematics partnerships (including mandated electronic logging devices)
  • Monitor program reach and driver behavior (such as hard braking and speed) to assess your program’s success and impact
  • Transmit critical safety information directly to trucks, safely and in real-time, at no cost to drivers and fleets

Drivewyze Free

Drivewyze Free offers free (and unlimited) essential in-cab alerts and advisories to the trucking industry, sponsored in-part, by agencies in collaboration with Drivewyze.

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Working together to improve highway safety.

By sponsoring Smart Roadways, you are contributing to Drivewyze Free, the industry’s first free safety service for truck drivers and fleets.

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