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“Drivewyze weigh station bypass is more important than ever right now due to COVID-19. We don’t want our drivers having to make unnecessary stops.”

– Rachelle Baker, Manager of Driver Services, Searcy Trucking


Carriers are under significant pressure to maintain profitability, maximize efficiency, and keep drivers safe. Drivewyze can help keep your freight moving without unnecessary weigh station delays, and can help your hard working drivers avoid high risk incidents and find safe places to rest. 

Drivewyze PreClear keeps trucks on the road and out of weigh station line ups, and also helps drivers avoid unnecessary social interactions. Drivewzye Safety Notifications warn your drivers about high rollover locations, steep grades and low bridges. And in response to the COVID-19 pandemic we have added temporary Rest Area and Parking Availability notifications, to help them find a safe place to park. The Drivewyze Safety Alerts service is available free of charge to Drivewyze PreClear subscribers, and is now also available as a stand alone subscription for carriers not enrolled in the PreClear weigh station bypass service.

Learn more about Rest Area and Parking Availability notifications.

Carriers need every tool in the toolkit right now to keep running profitably, and need to maximize their technology investments in order to do more with less. By keeping trucks moving and drivers rested, Drivewyze is helping our customers deliver more loads, waste less time, keep drivers happy, and squeeze every mile out of HOS constraints. Many of our customers are taking this opportunity to focus on training, finish technology roll outs, and explore areas of safety and operational improvement so that they don’t just maintain their competitive edge during this time, but come out of it well positioned for success.

Please contact us to discuss ways that we can help: Get In Touch.

And for help in navigating through the current landscape, please see our list of driver and fleet resources. This information is compiled thanks to the efforts of our state partners: 

Additional COVID-19 Resources for Fleets and Drivers