Navigating Idle Reduction: Strategies and Technologies for Fleet Efficiency.

Idle time, whether it’s time spent waiting to load or unload a shipment or in a scale house line up, has significant impacts on your fleet operations. It increases the carbon emissions produced by your fleet, quietly consumes your fuel and personnel budgets, reduces operational efficiencies, and creates bottlenecks along your drivers’ routes. According to SmartWay, a partner of the US EPA, if each driver in a 25-truck fleet idled for only two hours, that fleet would burn 40 gallons of diesel each day, at a cost of over $46,000/year.

With rising fuel costs and increased environmental regulations proving to be challenges for the fleet industry, idle management is key – but where do you start? 

In this expert roundtable webinar, Driving Your Fleets Towards Idle Reduction, presented by Drivewyze, you’ll hear directly from one of today’s most innovative fleets on the strategies they are implementing are helping them bypass traditional hurdles that increase or require idling. Plus, hear from leading technology experts about the idle-time reduction services available to you in-cab that you may be overlooking. 


Stephen Petit, Partner, SiefkesPetit Communications (Moderator)

Sara Steele, Product Manager and Director of Compliance, Drivewyze 

Ray LaPrade, Vice President of Information Technology, CalArk International

Dave Schaller, Industry Engagement Director, NACFE


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