Unlocking the Mysteries of Weigh Stations: Insights from Law Enforcement and Technology Experts.

Ever wonder what happens when a truck pulls into a weigh station?

You might be surprised at what goes on at a modern weigh station, and the role technology plays in evaluating your trucks. Thermal cameras scan for bad brakes and sheared bolts as trucks pull in, automated license plate and Haz-Mat sticker readers run checks against state and federal databases. And behind it all, law enforcement personnel in the station manage complex systems to triage and sort trucks, trying to make the best use of limited resources in efforts to maximize public safety.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a scale, watch this webinar to hear firsthand, from a veteran law enforcement safety officer and Drivewyze expert, about current roadside inspection methods — and why it is that some trucks get pulled in while others get waived through, or bypass the scales completely.


Brian Mofford, Vice President of Government Experience, Drivewyze 

Doug Hatch, TxDPS Captain (retired) 


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