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At Drivewyze we understand the importance of the operation and management of your Fleet. We are dedicated to working with our Fleet customers to ensure that our clients can get the best value possible. Below we have laid out resources to help get the most from the PreClear weigh station bypass service.

Migrating from Transponders?

Is your fleet migrating from transponders? There are a couple of key differences for fleets transitioning over to a software based weigh station bypass service:

Different Bypass Sites

Drivewyze operates in more states and more sites than any other service, but there are a small number of sites where transponders operate exclusively. This means that, even though your drivers should be receiving more total bypasses overall, some drivers may report that they are no longer getting bypasses at some of these transponder-only sites.

Heads-Up Notification

Unlike transponders, Drivewyze alerts drivers 2-miles and 1-mile ahead of all weigh stations in the country — whether or not it is a Drivewyze participating site.

Drivewyze Privacy and Safety

Bypass requests only submit license plate, VIN, and USDOT. Driver information is NOT shared. Bypass event logs are not certified for speed enforcement and cannot be used to issue speeding tickets.

Drivers must always follow safe driver practices and never follow in cab signals if doing so poses a risk to safe driving.

Always be prepared to report to inspection sites; this includes moving safely into the lane nearest the eventual weigh station exit. If a driving instruction is delayed, always choose to pull-in safely rather than wait for an instruction.

Weigh Station Bypass Coverage

Drivewyze provides bypasses at:

  • 515 fixed weigh stations
  • 34 frequently operational mobile inspection sites
  • 279 occasionally operational mobile inspection site

Click the map to see a complete view of our coverage, as well as, individual States and where your Fleet will be able to get bypasses:

Drivewyze Coverage Map


Bypass Restrictions

The Drivewyze PreClear service offers the broadest coverage available for weigh station bypass however there are state specific restrictions that individual carriers will need to consider when using the service. Click below to see the full details of all bypass restriction state-by-state:

Bypass Restrictions

Florida Agriculture Bypass

Florida operates special agricultural inspection stations that require additional screening. To receive a bypass at these sites, carriers must opt-in to the program. For more
information click button:

Sign Up for Florida Ag Bypass

Drivewyze Service Key

The Drivewyze PreClear Service Key is a helpful document for individuals who are overseeing the bypass service within their company.  The Service Key provides explains how and where the service works, and defines key terms, service exceptions and more

Download The Service Key

Driver Training and Support Materials

Select the type of ELD that you are currently using to see the materials that will assist Driver Leaders and Drivers with familiarization with the screens and main functions of the Drivewyze PreClear service:

Drivewyze on Omnitracs ELD Drivewyze on Trimble ELD
Drivewyze on XRS Drivewyze on Transflo
Drivewyze on ISAAC (EN) Drivewyze on ISAAC (FR)
Drivewyze on ORBCOMM Drivewyze on Platform Science
Drivewyze on Pedigree OneView Drivewyze on DriverTech
Drivewyze on Switchboard Drivewyze on Geotab

Frequently Asked Questions

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Already on Drivewyze?

If you are already on Drivewyze and need further support or would like to receive Drivewyze stickers, posters or report samples let us know by filling out the report below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.