Improve Fleet Operations and Profitability

Make Your Fleet Operations More Efficient, More Productive, and More Profitable With Drivewyze PreClear

Help your drivers go further, earn more money, and get home sooner.

Provide your drivers with a tangible benefit that saves valuable time and creates an overall better driver experience.

No transponders to install, replace or inventory.

No more $100 penalties for defective or missing transponders, no more driver down time to install or swap out bypass equipment. Your ELD already has the Drivewyze app installed on it, and can be activated, deactivated and updated over the air.

Get the most out of on-duty driver time.

Deliver more loads on time, by keeping trucks on the interstate and out of scale lineups.

Extremely easy for drivers to use.

Little to no training required.

Drivers LOVE getting bypasses.

Our research shows that drivers are 3 times more likely to work for a company that provides them with a bypass service, and 65% more likely to stay.

Get the most out of your ELD investment.

Drivewyze not only pays for itself, it improves the rate of return on your already deployed ELD equipment.

Peace of mind reporting.

Every month, you’ll receive a detailed bypass report to show you how well Drivewyze is serving your trucks, how much time and money you are saving, and whether there is any need for attention or improvement.

What Drivewyze Means to Our Customers

We had to assign three people to constantly update things with our other [transponder based] weigh station bypass provider. Drivers also expressed some frustrations when roadside transponder readers were not working correctly or when they couldn’t maneuver their trucks for their transponders to be read properly in order to get their bypasses. We no longer have to manage and track [transponders], which presented a challenge because our company trucks are based at several different locations.
Cargo Transporters Truck
John Pope, Chairman, Cargo Transporters



Randy Rhines, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Melton Truck Lines

Our decision to activate Drivewyze is about providing our drivers the tools they need to be as productive and efficient as possible. We also want our drivers to be able to take full advantage of our efforts to improve our safety scores. We think Drivewyze provides us that opportunity through a rapidly growing network of locations.

Get More Information

If you have questions about Drivewyze, or are interested in getting your free Weigh Station Activity Report, please fill out the form below to get in touch with a friendly Drivewyze representative!

The Drivewyze Weigh Station Activity Report collects real-time data when your trucks are pulled into weigh stations – without impacting your drivers. Once the data is collected, you’ll receive a report that shows you the real losses due to those delays, as well as an ROI report how much Drivewyze PreClear could save your fleet.

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Bypass over 800 sites in 47 states and provinces.
Heads Up notification at all sites in every state and province.

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Raves & Reviews

  • Wes Magyar
    Owner Operator with Mercer Transportation

    I like the fact that it saves the driver time. PrePass is more expensive compared to Drivewyze ’cause they like to roll the toll payment services in with it. It is more of a pain in the butt to use because you have to order the transponder, buy the transponder, all that stuff.

  • Marty Lester
    Owner-Operator, Professional Trucker for 10 years

    It’s the best money I can spend.

  • Harold Jones
    Traffic Manager, Maine-Based Distillery

    Drivewyze saves our operations about 15 hours per month.

  • Amanda Jones & Art Johansson
    Trucking Team

    Drivewyze takes away that stress of having to stop at a weigh station.

  • Greg Condon
    Owner-Operator, Professional Trucker for over 40 years

    Drivewyze is cost-effective for owner-operators.

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