DALLAS, Sept. 19, 2022 – Intelligent Imaging Systems (IIS), a leading transportation safety technology integrator for transportation and law enforcement agencies across North America, is now operating under the Drivewyze brand as Drivewyze Infrastructure Services. According to Brian Heath, CEO of Drivewyze, while there is a change in name, there will be no change in the company’s commitment to developing the industry’s most advanced commercial motor vehicle safety and security solutions.

“Our vision remains the same as it was when we founded IIS, and then later, Drivewyze in 2012,” said Heath. “We are committed to improving highway safety and efficiency. Our mission is zero crashes and zero fatalities. As we grow, it makes sense to consolidate our portfolio of roadside and in-truck solutions under a shared Drivewyze brand.”

Drivewzye Infrastructure Services provides market-leading infrastructure solutions for commercial vehicle electronic screening, truck parking, and connected truck programs. “Products like Smart Roadside, Central Park, and Smart Roadways are helping to revolutionize transportation safety and efficiency,” said Heath. “They underscore how agencies and industry can leverage technology and work together to modernize commercial vehicle transportation.”

Heath and Fred Ko co-founded IIS in 2003. Later, Drivewyze was launched. Drivewyze has become the leader in connected truck services with PreClear, the largest public-private weigh station bypass network in North America, and Safety+, a leading proactive in-cab safety alert solution.

“Over the years, these two companies have worked hand-in-hand to deliver game-changing smart infrastructure and in-cab innovations into the transportation space,” said Heath. “That collaboration and history of shared success is why we are folding our Intelligent Imaging Systems solutions under the Drivewyze brand.”

Drivewyze fleet and driver-facing software solutions were built upon the foundation created by IIS. “With PreClear, we reward safe fleets and drivers with weigh station bypasses while saving enforcement officers’ time,” explained Heath. “That way, they can focus on the vehicles that need the most attention. With Safety+, we offer proactive driver coaching to deliver safer driving behaviors before critical safety events arise. And with our e-Inspection pilot growing every day, we are streamlining the traditional roadside inspection process like never before.”

Heath said the name Drivewyze is becoming synonymous with commercial truck safety and sustainability. “From the start,” he said, “IIS helped states modernize roadside enforcement with high-performance cameras to dynamically capture vehicle information, as well as infrared sensors to instantly assess brake performance. We developed sensors, machine vision systems, and weigh station integration software to automate traditional manual processes and take the guesswork out of roadside operations.”  He added: “We’ve accomplished a lot in nearly 20 years, proving technology can provide a nexus of benefits to both government and industry at the same time.  We’ve remained true to our belief in improving commercial vehicle transportation through intelligent automation. We’re looking forward to our next 20 years, working with states and provinces — and commercial fleets and drivers– to deliver a better transportation system for all stakeholders.”


About Drivewyze Inc.:

Drivewyze Inc. is a leader in the transportation technology industry, developing and providing innovative solutions for transportation infrastructure owners and operators, commercial vehicle fleets and truck drivers. Drivewyze Infrastructure Services provides state agencies with state-of-the-art CVE electronic screening, truck parking, and connected truck solutions.  Drivewyze serves commercial truck fleets and truck drivers with innovative in-cab services, such as the Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service and Drivewyze Safety+ in-cab safety notifications. To learn more about Drivewyze, visit https://drivewyze.com/.