“If you can save 5, 10, or 15 minutes by bypassing a scale, and you start quantifying that across the fleet on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, it really adds up to make a difference.”

John Elliott

CEO, Load One Transportation & Logistics

“Drivewyze is right in line with our commitment in providing our drivers with the latest technology to help them increase their drivetime.”

John Pope

Chairman, Cargo Transporters

“I just really like the way Drivewyze offers bypass service through geofencing and not transponders, which are easy to lose, expensive to replace and a pain to keep track of.”

Tim Conner

Personnel Director, Brooks-DeHart Furniture Xpress

“Weigh station bypass is important to our drivers because they don’t have to pull into weigh stations as often.”

Randy Rhines

Senior Vice President, Melton Truck Lines Inc.

“It’s very measurable and bypass is something we wouldn’t want to be without."

Brian Lindley

Owner Operator, LB3