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Truck drivers consistently have difficulty finding areas to safely park and rest. The FHWA reports that more than 83% of drivers routinely took longer than 30 minutes to find parking, and 37 State DOTs reported problems with commercial vehicle parking. Drivers who have not located parking before reaching their hours of service limits are often forced to park illegally or unsafely, often on the shoulders of highways, on off-ramps or at abandoned facilities. This loss of productivity adds six percent or more to labor costs associated with moving goods.

Since 2003, Drivewyze has successfully integrated hardware and software solutions for commercial vehicle safety applications at roadside deployments in over 25 states. Our system design quality increases both service lifetime and system performance, while lowering total cost of ownership. Drivewyze product and system engineering teams have an extensive & referenceable track record of delivering successful roadside ITS solutions focused on commercial vehicle applications. As a trusted provider for both end-to-end solutions and key project components, Drivewyze can work with any technology partner to provide an integrated solution.

Whether as a technology provider or turnkey solution provider, Drivewyze is uniquely positioned to make your truck parking project a success. Drivewyze offers a choice of hardware options to support both direct and indirect monitoring methodologies, including in ground sensors & camera-based sensors.

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Drivewyze Smart Parking solutions are fully developed Commercial Off The Shelf systems that are available for demonstration. Successfully demonstrated at the 2015 ITS World Congress, our solution has now been adopted by Florida DOT and Ohio DOT. Please contact us to view a demonstration of a working system.

The FMCSA CVISN Program has determined that projects such as real-time trucking parking systems are eligible for expanded CVISN funding.

Drivewyze has the technology and experience to design and deploy truck parking management systems for state agencies that accurately collect and transmit truck parking data. As a systems integrator, Drivewyze works with state agencies to deploy the sensor system of their choice to meet their performance and budget requirements. These systems can include inductive loops to count vehicles entering and exiting the parking area, Automated License Plate Reader systems to identify and match entrance and exit events and wireless in-ground vehicle sensors for high performance wireless battery operated in-ground systems.

* Source – FHWA Jason’s Law Truck Parking Survey Results and Comparative Analysis August 2015