You Finally Have a Choice in Weigh Station Bypass Service Providers

After 20 years of monopoly, carriers finally have a choice in weigh station bypass providers.

So why should you choose Drivewyze?

Save more time and money.

Every bypass saves driver time and fuel costs. Drivewyze operates hundreds more bypass sites, in more states, than any other bypass service – which is why most fleets that switch to Drivewyze save more time and money.

We show you how much you save.

The Drivewyze Weigh Station Activity Report calculates exactly how much time your trucks are spent pulled in at weigh stations, to help you determine whether it makes sense for all or a portion of your fleet to use Drivewyze.

Based on published 2017 ATRI industry data and our own study of over 12 million weigh station visits, we estimate the average cost of each pull-in is around $9.30. But you know your business better than we do. We encourage you to use your own cost per mile or cost per minute measures, with the Weigh Station Activity report data we provide, to find out how much you’ll save.

Great for Recruitment and Retention.

Drivers LOVE getting bypasses. Drivers are three times more likely to work for a company that provides them with a bypass service, and 65% more likely to stay.

No transponders to install, replace or inventory.

No more $100 penalties for defective or missing transponders, no more driver down time to install or swap out bypass equipment. Your ELD already has the Drivewyze app installed on it, and can be activated, deactivated and updated over the air. We can help you get rid of your transponder cost center.

Get the most out of your ELD investment, and consolidate vendor relationships.

Drivewyze not only pays for itself, it improves the rate of return on your already deployed ELD equipment. And you pay for the Drivewyze service through your existing ELD invoice.

Peace of mind reporting.

Every month, you’ll receive a detailed bypass report to show you how well Drivewyze is serving your trucks, how much
time and money you are saving, and whether there is any need for attention or improvement.

Find out what Drivewyze can do for your fleet today:

What Drivewyze Means to Our Customers

There’s a cost to adding this weigh station bypass service. But I saw the number of hours and the number of inspections Drivewyze could help us avoid. When I took that time savings and plugged in our hourly rate, the potential savings I found that we could get with Drivewyze just blew me away. At that point, it was a no-brainer for me to switch on the Drivewyze weigh station bypass service.
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– Wayne Thornhill, Fleet and Safety Compliance Manager, Cumberland Farms