Bypass Service Improves Transportation Safety and Efficiency at Eight Ports of Entry

DALLAS – The Arizona Department of Transportation has added Drivewyze weigh station bypass service at eight ports of entry near the state’s borders with California, New Mexico and Utah.

“With Drivewyze now live in Arizona and California, drivers traveling east from Long Beach and California’s Central Valley into Arizona and beyond have continuous bypass opportunities all along the way,” said Brian Heath, president and CEO of Drivewyze.

Arizona DOT has added Drivewyze PreClear to a total of eight ports of entry. Since Drivewyze can read weight data transmitted from WIM sensors embedded in pavement as the truck passes over them, the state uses weight readings as part of its bypass criteria at five ports of entry located on U.S. Interstates 10, 15 and 40. Of the eight locations where Drivewyze is offered, five are located on interstates that cross the Arizona/California border – I-8, I-10 and I-40. The remaining three are located on I-15, Arizona State Route 68 and U.S. Highway 93.

With the addition of Arizona and North Dakota, Drivewyze offers bypass opportunities at almost 700 locations in nearly every state in the Lower 48 and in the province of Alberta.

“With Arizona and California now both covered, Drivewyze offers fleets an unbeatable competitive advantage over carriers using a transponder-based bypass service, or no service at all,” Heath said. “That’s important because fleets certainly can’t afford to let their competitors’ drivers get more bypasses. Certainly not if truck traffic increases in Arizona as much as the federal government expects within the next 20 years.”

The recent federal DOT Beyond Traffic 2045 report predicted that the Arizona’s Sun Corridor will be the fastest growing megaregion in the United States, with the populations expected to double by the middle of this century. Advanced manufacturing, a fast-growing aerospace and defense industry and increasing cross-border trade are all expected to play big roles in that increased truck traffic.

The Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass application comes pre-loaded on in-cab telematics and ELD devices like Omnitracs, PeopleNet, Rand McNally and Zonar. Fleets can turn on a free analytics weigh station loss reporting tool to help them determine how much Drivewyze can potentially save them before activating the subscription-based weigh station bypass service. The application is also available for Android and iOS-based tablets or smartphones.

Drivewyze comes with a free Weigh Station Heads-Up service for real-time notifications at more than 1,200 weigh stations and inspection sites nationwide. To learn more about Drivewyze, please visit

Below is a complete list of the eight locations where the Arizona DOT has activated Drivewyze PreClear:

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