Drivewyze PreClear

Keep your trucks moving without delays through safe and legal bypasses across 900+ North American weigh stations and inspection sites.


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Largest weigh station bypass service in the US and Canada

Drivewyze PreClear offers 67% more bypass coverage and is the only bypass service in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Nevada, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Save money on every turn

Bypassing weigh stations saves fuel and time. Each bypass saves at least $8.68 and boosts your bottom line.

Deliver on time

Stay out of weigh station line ups and stick to schedule. Reduce delays and improve reliability.

Reduce driver churn

Drivers are 3X more likely to work for a fleet with PreClear. No hardware headaches and 67% more bypass coverage.


North America’s largest connected
truck platform

Drivewyze partners with 40+ telematics and ELD leaders to get you started in minutes.

Maximize uptime with automatic weigh station bypass

Carriers earned 22M+ weigh station bypasses in 12 months with Drivewyze. Join them and improve your bottom line.

Onboard with ease

Your fleet can be set up and running with PreClear in minutes with minimal driver training.

With partnerships with 40+ major ELD and telematics leaders and award-winning Drivewyze software, onboarding is easy.

Use your existing ELD and telematics hardware

Drivewyze works on your existing in-cab hardware. Integrate with your ELD and telematics devices and start enjoying the benefits of weigh station bypasses across your fleet.

Unmatched coverage across North America

Experience the freedom of the open road with Drivewyze PreClear.

Our service eclipses others with bypass opportunities at over 900 sites, including fixed weigh stations and mobile inspection sites in 48 states and provinces.

67% more bypass opportunities means fewer stops for you and more money in your pocket.


Available in your trucks now

Get bypasses across 900+ sites and 47 states and provinces on your existing in-cab device. Start bypassing weigh stations today!


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