Communicate with commercial truck drivers through in-cab safety messages

Smart Roadways connects transportation agencies to North America’s largest connected truck network.

Deliver real-time and location-based alerts that reduce the risk of crashes and support transportation safety programs.


Real-time in-cab safety alerts in your region

State and local transportation agencies use Smart Roadways to directly alert commercial drivers of critical safety information on roadways. Upcoming slowdowns of traffic, active work zones, parked service vehicles, emergency scenarios and more. Across the largest connected network in North America.

Agencies can also develop and deploy a network of virtual signs to alert commercial drivers of special road conditions such as major events or advise them of quarterly safety campaigns.

Location-based alerts

In-cab proactive alerts customized for different geolocations across your region.

Always-on cross-platform reach

Reach commercial vehicles no matter what in-cab or mobile device they use.

Designed for driver safety

Proactive alerts that don’t cause distractions create a safer driving experience.

The Highway Safety Problem

Highway safety is a critical concern for state transportation agencies, as traffic crashes and fatalities continue to rise.

As technology advances, states are increasingly leveraging connected vehicle approaches to bolster their transportation safety programs and enhance road safety.

Now with Smart Roadways, agencies can further extend their transportation safety programs into the cabs of commercial motor vehicles–a market historically underserved by connected vehicle safety technology.

Up to 70% of commercial vehicles slow down after receiving real-time alerts through Smart Roadways.

Extend your Safety Programs into Connected Trucks

Agencies can monitor and assess changes in alerted drivers’ behavior, including changes in speed and hard braking events, to assess the success of their safety programs. In previous deployments, alerts have been shown to slow down 70% of commercial truck drivers receiving the alerts, with additional studies currently underway.

Traffic Slowdown Alerts

Notify drivers of upcoming traffic incidents or sudden slowdowns

Active Work Zone Alerts

Protect construction crews and enforcement officers

Service Vehicle Alerts

Alert drivers of parked roadside vehicles and crews

Monitor the Success of your Safety Alerting Program

With Smart Roadways, agencies can send essential in-cab alerts and advisories directly to trucks. To make these alerts accessible to the entire trucking industry, Drivewyze offers these agency sponsored Smart Roadways alerts at no cost to fleets and commercial truck drivers through the Drivewyze Free app.


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