The leading law enforcement platform for commercial vehicle safety

A single system for all roadside law enforcement operations that works and scales with your agency’s existing enforcement program.


A single system for roadside safety enforcement

Smart Roadside offers the most advanced commercial vehicle enforcement electronic screening and weigh station management tools available in the market, including fully integrated and hardware neutral smart infrastructure solutions for law enforcement agencies.

Smart Roadside also offers CVE agencies the most dynamic and inclusive source of authoritative data including direct, auditable access to SAFER, PRISM, IFTA, IRP, NCIC, Amber Alerts, DEA, and DHS. We have proven integrations with over 40 commercial and over 10 government interfaces.

Designed to help you scale

Built-in support for multiple sites and easily expandable as infrastructure grows.

Hardware and tech-agnostic

Integrates with your agency’s existing hardware and tech systems.

Smart dashboards for easier reporting

Automatic reporting on systems performance, ROI, and program impact.

A full suite of tools for roadside enforcement

Smart Roadside is a collection of hardware and software solutions to monitor, measure, and optimize roadside operations for government agencies.


Advanced CVE electronic screening and weigh station management solution

Core Solution

Equipment Integrations

System Extensions

The core of Smart Roadside is an electronic screening system that incorporates the use of image and sensor based technologies such as:

  • Automated Thermal Brake Inspection (ATIS)
  • Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR)
  • Automated USDOT Number and Hazmat Placard Readers (AUR)
  • Overview Cameras (OVC)
  • Magnetic vehicle fingerprinting (VWI)
  • And a host of other technologies

Modular design allows for the additional equipment to be integrated within the existing software through included device drivers.

Software supports over 35 types of standard equipment integrations including:

  • WIM
  • Static scale
  • Over-height detection
  • Tire anomaly
  • Seat belt detection
  • Vehicle ID and tracking
  • Radiation detection
  • Automated lane control
  • Vehicle sorting
  • Message boards
  • Gate controls
  • Inspection bay call systems

The system architecture allows for modular functional extensions beyond core screening, such as:

  • Inspection software
  • Vehicle monitoring and other CVO-related applications like access control
  • All be added with no upgrades to the Smart Roadside software

Make data-informed decisions

Centralized dashboards for oversight, performance tracking, and grant reporting. Automated reports prove the ROI of your programs.

Integrate with existing data

Smart Roadside connects to your authoritative data sources your agency relies on.

State Systems

Federal Systems

3rd Party

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