Critical safety information when drivers need it

Proactive in-cab safety alerts and a driver coaching solution to enhance fleet safety and compliance on every journey.

Promote safer fleet operations and help drivers mitigate risks. Fleets using Safety+ have reduced accidents by 22%.


Elevate fleet safety with Drivewyze Safety+

In-cab driver coaching tool that prevents incidents through proactive safety alerts and driver coaching tool across 2,600+ safety hotspots in the US and Canada. Customizable alerts tailored to real-time driving conditions.

Mitigate Operational Risks & Citations

In-cab alerts that provide advanced warnings about severe weather, cargo theft alerts, and speeding citation

Assess fleet and driver level safety

On-demand safety reports that highlight driver behavior, speeding incidents and the cost of weigh station downtime

Tailored for your fleet

Set custom alerts for specific locations like customer warehouses to help remind drivers of specific tasks and rules as they arrive

Customizable driver coaching

Whether it’s proactive coaching to curb speeding or reinforcing safe driving practices, Drivewyze Safety+ helps improve safety outcomes for your fleet.

Seamless integration and easy onboarding

Quick setup on existing in-cab devices makes sure that drivers have the support and safety reporting they need with minimal training.

Drivewyze Coverage Map

Comprehensive coverage with proactive alerts

Safety+ provides coverage across 2,600+ safety hotspots in the US and Canada, delivering consistent, reliable alerts no matter where your vehicles are headed.

Location-based alerts

Keep your fleet safe and optimized as it travels across North America.

Stay informed ahead of time

Receive timely notifications with the information needed to stay safe and compliant.

Enhanced visibility and Insights

Advanced insights into your fleet’s operations with real-time data analytics and reporting.

Ready to Get Started?

With proactive safety alerts and driver coaching, Drivewyze Safety+ can help mitigate accidents and improve safety outcomes for your fleet.