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Drivewyze loves partners! Our partners play a vital role in enhancing the transportation industry with cutting edge solutions

Together with 150+ telematics, referral, reseller, and agency partners across North America we drive safety and efficiency across the trucking ecosystem.

Join us in fostering a safer, more efficient trucking ecosystem.

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We win together

Drivewyze and partners work together to benefit fleets and drivers by improving efficiency, safety, and compliance on our highways.

Our partner team is here to support you every step of the way, from technical setup and onboarding to sales training and ready-to-go marketing campaigns.

Drivers Love Drivewyze

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) approach means your customers and their Drivers are up and running with our services in minutes.

Your Customer Will Save

With 67% more coverage for weigh station bypass sites across 47 states and provinces, your customers will save drive time and money.

Proven Safety Results

Our safety services are proven to reduce speeding and safety incidents. Fleets have reduced accident rate by 22%.


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Referral Partners

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Agency Partners

Drivewyze referral partners advocate for cutting-edge technology that streamlines weigh station bypasses, reduces downtime and fuel consumption, and promotes safety through proactive notifications that minimize congestion and risk.

Referral partners (individuals or organizations) contribute to fostering a safer and more efficient trucking ecosystem, while also enjoying lucrative incentives and rewards for their advocacy efforts


Deliver unparalleled value to your customers by adding Drivewyze’s advanced technology into your offerings.

Resellers can provide fleets with a competitive edge, enhancing their operational efficiency and bottom line. This partnership empowers customers to streamline their trucking operations, saving time and fuel costs while ensuring compliance and safety on the road.

Customers benefit from the convenience of accessing Drivewyze’s state-of-the-art solutions through a trusted provider, receiving comprehensive support and expertise from both the reseller and Drivewyze.


Play a vital role in expanding the reach and functionality of Drivewyze’s innovative trucking solutions.

Telematics partners collaborate with Drivewyze to seamlessly integrate our platform into their technologies, systems, or services. By integrating with Drivewyze, partners can offer enhanced features, such as real-time weigh station bypass services, safety notifications, and compliance solutions, to their customers.

Drivewyze integration partners contribute to a more connected and streamlined experience for the trucking industry as a whole.


To improve safety on roadways, we all need to work together – public and private agencies, alike.

Contact us for more information on how your agency can support leading transportation safety programs, including state-wide weigh station bypass and enhanced and automated electronic inspections.


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