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Top Podcasts for the Road

One of the fastest-growing segments of entertainment is Podcasts. And for those working in trucks as your home office, they give a nice diversion from listening to music. And hey, you might just learn something new! There’s lots out there, so buckle up and start exploring. Here are some of our favorite podcasts for truckers:…

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Low bridges claim plenty of victims

Got an extra $7.4 million? That’s what a jury awarded Ronnie and Sandra Claxton after a flatbed hauler, carrying an oversize load, hit a low bridge sending metal debris through the windshield of the Claxton’s car. Collisions involving low bridges are more common than one may think. Do a quick Google search, and you’ll find…

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Tips For Working From Home 2.0

BY: Kerry Birch, Director of People and Culture for Drivewyze For many, the new workplace is a repurposed basement, bedroom or, if you’re lucky, an office in your home. Same goes for the team at Drivewyze. Being a high-tech company, we’re pretty fortunate – we have all the tools in place to make the transition…

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Mesilla Valley Transportation Talks About the Value of Weigh Station Bypass in CCJ

In a story posted by CCJ magazine, Mike Kelley, Mesilla Valley’s chief technology officer’s quote says it all: “This (weigh station bypass) is a low-hanging fruit when it comes to improving fuel efficiency and improving delivery time. We feel weigh station bypass is a win for us, and a win for our drivers who get…

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COVID-19 Update: Drivewyze Adds Indiana to Rest Area Alerts – Provides Number of Parking Spots Available

DALLAS, April 28, 2020 – Fleets utilizing Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass, and its included Drivewyze Safety Notifications service, now have in-cab notifications to inform drivers of the number of parking spots available at 10 rest areas throughout Indiana. Indiana is the first state for which Drivewyze has added parking spot availability into the COVID-19…

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The rally behind our truck drivers

All across North America, people and organizations are banding together to make life a little easier for those working on the front lines during COVID-19. Dark days bring people closer together. It gives us hope for brighter days ahead. Signs, food and admiration are greeting many truckers. It’s heartening to see as they’re the backbone…

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COVID-19 Update: As States Open / Close Rest Areas, Drivewyze Expands Rest Area Notifications To Meet Need

DALLAS, April 16, 2020 – While the evolving COVID-19 impact on state’s rest area operations has created confusion over which sites remain open for truckers, the need for drivers to find safe parking hasn’t subsided. “Not knowing where drivers will find available parking at the end of each day continues to be a challenge and…

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Drivewyze Adds Virginia Rest Area Notifications

Drivewyze has added temporary open/closed rest area notifications to the Drivewyze Safety Notifications service, to help drivers plan ahead and find safe places to park in Virginia. Notifications will be provided 5 miles in advance of 10 Virginia Weigh Stations which have been declared open for truck parking. This follows the addition of similar notifications…

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Stay Strong: Tips to keeping good physical and mental health in the midst of COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread, we want to thank, thank, thank, thank our truck drivers who are out on the front lines, ensuring the supply chain continues to move so that shelves can be restocked and much needed medical supplies are delivered to healthcare providers. You are the true heroes in the logistics world —…

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