Drivewyze Now Active at 10 Sites in Ohio and Nearly 700 in the U.S. and Canada

DALLAS, July 26, 2017 – Drivewyze is continuing to expand its weigh station bypass service in existing states with Ohio activating Drivewyze PreClear at six additional weigh stations this month. Drivewyze now offers bypasses at 10 active locations in the Buckeye state.

The Ohio expansion comes just a week after Drivewyze announced it would be expanding service in North Carolina in August to a total of 16 active sites.

“This latest expansion offers another example of the sustained growth of Drivewyze weigh station bypass service in the United States and Canada,” said Brian Heath, president and CEO of Drivewyze. “Once we have debuted our service in a state like Ohio, we continue to work with our partner agency to bring more sites in that state online. Our technology allows us to continue adding sites, quickly and more efficiently than providers of transponder-based weigh station bypass.”

The six new sites added in Ohio are located on U.S. Route 30, and U.S. Interstates 70, 74, 75, and 80. With those new sites, and the additional locations set to go live in North Carolina in August, Drivewyze is closing in on a total location count of 700 in 41 states and the province of Alberta. That means by the end of August, Drivewyze will offer weigh station bypasses at more than twice as many sites in the United States as transponder-based systems, according to Heath. Drivewyze is also the only weigh station bypass service currently offering bypasses in Canada to members of a special voluntary compliance program. The program is operated through a unique partnership between provincial regulators and the Alberta Motor Transport Association.

“The expansion of our weigh station bypass service is certainly very welcome news to our customers and to our drivers,” said John Elliott, CEO of Load One LLC. “Our operation relies on our ability to keep any potential delays for drivers to a minimum. The expansion of Drivewyze service in Ohio will certainly help us in accomplishing that goal.”

Taylor, Michigan-based Load One operates 375 trucks, providing dedicated truckload, specialized and flatbed hauling, asset-based expedited ground, air charter and logistics services. The expeditor serves the continental United States and Ontario with round-the-clock service for time-sensitive freight.

“It’s clear to me that our decision to activate Drivewyze on our ELDs was the right one,” Elliott added. “With its rapid deployment and expansion capabilities, Drivewyze offers a service that continues to add value and is clearly unmatched.

“With rapidly growing freight traffic in Ohio and across the region, the state and the country will continue to face mounting infrastructure challenges,” Elliott said. “Those challenges mean that we must reduce any potential delays for drivers. Drivewyze certainly gives us that opportunity and makes it easier for our drivers to stay on schedule.”

Tom Balzer, president and CEO of the Ohio Trucking Association, said definite buzz has developed over Drivewyze among Ohio’s trucking fleets because of its rapid growth and its Connected Truck Services. “Drivewyze certainly has gotten the full attention of the industry with developments such as Drivewyze PreClear Analytics and Heads-Up Notifications,” Balzer said. “Ohio trucking fleets have been particularly intrigued with the in-cab safety notifications following the company’s Pennsylvania Turnpike announcement.”

Drivewyze recently announced it will also soon start offering more drivers of trucks equipped with Drivewyze Connected Truck services in-cab safety notifications as they approach areas on the Turnpike with a high risk of a rollover.

Driveyze has also made a strong impression on the state’s commercial vehicle enforcement unit.

“Supporting multiple bypass programs rewards safe and responsible carriers,” said Colonel Paul A. Pride, Ohio State Highway Patrol superintendent. “It also allows motor carrier enforcement officers to focus their efforts where needed to improve safety.”

Below is a complete listing of the new sites arranged by highway or interstate:

Below is a list of existing sites arranged by interstate:

About Drivewyze Inc.

Drivewyze Inc. is the leader in connected truck services, and is on a mission to revolutionize the delivery of highway safety and transportation management through world-class products, systems and services. Drivewyze serves commercial drivers and fleets with innovative trucking services such as the Drivewyze PreClear bypass service, and the Drivewyze Analytics Weigh Station Loss Reporting service. Drivewyze was recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the North American Weigh Station Bypass Company of the Year Award for 2017, for its best practices and industry leadership.

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