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Trucker with mobile ELD fixed on Dash in Truck

Truck Drivers Exempt from the ELD Rule:

  1. Is your vehicle pre-2000? If your vehicle’s engine was manufacturing before the year 2000, you are exempt from using an ELD. *Note: This does not mean your VIN number.
  2. Are you driving a tow-away vehicle? If you operate a drive-away or tow-away vehicle, you don’t have to use an ELD because the vehicle you are driving is not your vehicle.
  3. Do you have to keep RODs? If you do not have to retain a Record of Duty, you are exempt. FMCSA further states drivers that maintain RODs for less than 8 days out of every 30 are exempt from using Electronic Logging Devices.

The Key Points of FMCSA’s ELD Mandate: Don’t Forget Em’

Important Dates and Stages of the ELD Rule

  1. December of 2015: The rule was established, which was the awareness and transition phase. ELDs were optional.
  2. December of 2017: ELD compliance phase, in which AOBRDs are grandfathered for two years.
  3. December of 2019: Mandatory use.

ELD Exemption Infographic:


trucking eld mandate

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