Law Enforcement Communication System Access Offers Inspection Officers True Data Quality

EDMONTON, Alberta, June 27, 2013—Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc. (IIS) has announced that its Smart Roadside electronic screening service will deliver true quality data to Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) roadside inspection officers by leveraging the Nlets network, following the recent approval of a partnership agreement by Nlets.

Nlets is the premier provider of secure information services to more than 45,000 law enforcement agencies in North America. Nlets aggregates real-time data from law enforcement agencies in all 50 states and 10 provinces to help officers make time-sensitive decisions on the roadside. It provides this information within a secure environment to state and federal law enforcement agencies in the United States and Canada and other organizations with similar missions to enforce or to aid in the enforcement of local, state, or international laws or ordinances.

Smart Roadside delivers a customizable commercial vehicle screening platform that agencies can use to offer commercial vehicle operators weigh station and roadside inspection bypass opportunities. It requires only a computer and Internet connection. The Nlets partnership will support Smart Roadside use in both traditional commercial vehicle enforcement operations and the Drivewyze weigh station bypass service.

“Our partnership with Nlets means Smart Roadside can offer law enforcement operators real-time criminal, regulatory and safety compliance information including the most comprehensive interstate (IRP), intra-state (DMV) registration and International Fuel Tax (IFTA) information coverage available in North America,” said Brian Heath, president of Intelligent Imaging Systems. “The Nlets partnership shows our continued commitment to delivering true data quality to our agency partners by accessing a database they trust and over which they maintain 100 percent control.

“True data quality in law enforcement requires the exclusive use of authoritative data sources, not private or proprietary databases,” Heath added.

“We’re pleased to be entering into this partnership for the good of our member agencies,” said Steven E. Correll, Nlets executive director. “Real-time data, delivered by transparent, secure, traceable and auditable systems, is critical to ensuring officers make decisions based on accurate information guaranteed to serve the public good.”

Heath said the Nlets partnership builds on the value that IIS already offers to nearly 40 percent of U.S. commercial vehicle enforcement agencies. “It delivers on a promise to ensure that Smart Roadside uses the most comprehensive, real-time data sources in delivering data accuracy for roadside inspectors,” he added.

“We think this partnership with Nlets will make the job of inspection officers easier and give them the tools they need to concentrate on high-risk vehicles, while at the same time rewarding responsible carriers with the opportunity to avoid unnecessary delays at inspection sites,” Heath said.

About Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc.

Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc. (IIS) is an innovative technology service provider to the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) industry.  IIS is committed to improving road safety and efficiency for everyone.  Founded in 2003, IIS is a provider of industry leading road safety equipment and software services to leading government agencies across North America. IIS’ subsidiary, Drivewyze Inc., delivers time-saving and cost-effective inspection station bypass solutions to the trucking industry.

About Nlets

Nlets is the premiere interstate justice and public safety network in the nation for the exchange of law enforcement-, criminal justice-, and public safety-related information. Nlets, which is owned by the states, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which was created by principal law enforcement agencies of the states 45 years ago. The user population is composed of all of the states/territories, all federal agencies with a justice component, and selected international agencies, all cooperatively exchanging data. The types of data being exchanged vary from motor vehicle and drivers’ data, Canadian “Hot File” records, and INS databases to state criminal history records. Over one billion messages are transacted each year.

The mission of Nlets is to provide information services within a secure environment, to the international justice and public safety communities. Nlets will serve those national and international governmental agencies and other organizations with similar missions that enforce or aid in enforcing local, state, or international laws or ordinances.

For more information about Nlets, please visit or contact Bonnie Locke, Director of Business Development at (623) 308-3504 or

Gregory Van Tighem, 425-392-2611 or Doug Johnson, 780-461-3355 Ext. 254