Is Your Fleet Canadian ELD compliant?

As we close the books on 2022, most of us are getting back into the saddle and ramping up operations for the new year. We’re here to remind you that January 1, 2023 marks the beginning of the enforcement of the Canadian electronic logging device (ELD) mandate.  

The Canadian ELD mandate came into full force on January 1st and non-compliant carriers and drivers can expect to be held responsible for violations. Compliance with the new regulations is your best bet to start 2023 on a high note. 

The Canadian ELD Mandate 

The new mandate shouldn’t come as a surprise. It has been two years since the Canadian federal government unveiled its plans to transition commercial motor vehicle operators to electronic logging devices (ELDs). The federal government expects to reduce hours of service violations and to increase the safety of Canadian roadways with the mandate.  

What’s the difference between the Canadian and US ELD mandate? 

The mandates are similar, but the most significant difference is that Transport Canada’s electronic logging device (ELD) rule will require third-party certification – a provision added to eliminate tampering of the devices and deter noncompliance. So, make sure your ELD is certified! 

What to Expect? 

Now that January 1 has rolled around, some Canadian provinces will enforce the mandate, potentially resulting in fines and out-of-service orders for those not complying with the new rules. The Canadian Trucking Alliance has compiled a chart that explains what to expect in each jurisdiction. Be sure to understand the enforcement policies in each province.  You can read them here.  

The Canadian Trucking Alliance advises contacting the relevant associations directly for specific provincial rules. Here’s a list of the associations: 


British Colombia 





New Brunswick 

Nova Scotia 

Newfoundland and Labrador 

Prince Edward Island 

Take Full Advantage of Your ELDs 

There is an upside! While the Canadian ELD mandate introduces new hardware to the truck, it also presents an opportunity to do more with less. Many providers will have a selection of tech add-ons already installed on the ELD, while others offer discounts and free trials from software partners. By installing one piece of ELD hardware and layering software on top of it, fleets can use open platforms to enhance workflow, improve safety, boost efficiency, and, ultimately, move toward a fully connected truck.   

Ask your ELD provider how you can access a free trial of Drivewyze and its many software options, including Drivewyze PreClear® and Drivewyze Safety+.